-- Bid History for - Dagger of Shadows --
03-21-2005 10:35:58New Auction700
04-10-2005 01:16:52Vamp_Prince_Beau705
06-27-2005 13:53:30Sir_Healalot710
08-27-2005 23:07:48Reapa715
09-03-2005 04:07:30Inferno_Tsunami720
06-12-2006 17:05:46Gwaspawn725
06-29-2006 18:32:22Sir_Lancelot730
07-10-2006 19:40:09Master_Chief735
07-10-2006 19:40:27Master_Chief740
07-10-2006 19:40:46Master_Chief745
07-10-2006 19:43:39Master_Chief750
09-09-2017 12:21:05Xianhellfire755

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The next bid amount is 760, put your character name and password in the boxes to the right and click 'Bid' to make your bid. Note, if you do not have sufficient gold when bidding ends, and you bid the highest, you won't get the item.

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