-- Abyssmal's Profile --
NameThief of Darkness
ClassMale Halfling Legendary Assassin
Clantꮧ f ghtmt (-ױVG--GЧ-)
Comment[Clan] Dminor (to Undin): You know that button at the bottom of the screen? It's a typo. Supposed to say "Retroll."
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KOS List
Monsters Killed23378
Players Killed6
Deaths by Players5
Total Game Time118 days, 15h7
Character Score9401
Overall Ranking40/6756
Class Ranking5/1698
Last Logon05-30-2020 17:58:18
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Rugged Rogue3Sylva2
Drunken Brawler6Small Snake305
Braced Door2Guard Dogs4
Garden Spider1Hydra Hatchling22
Giant Mosquito Swarm34Hydra Head12
Giant Snapper Turtle2Mud Monster4
Thief Guard36Rel-thon3
Giant Leech23Table4
Brown Bear244Sand Spider833
Mountain Goat27Dire Boar12
Spider17Burly Bartender1
Granite Beast570Sand Scorpion8
Vampire Bat62Giant Spider1
Sentry Spider53Scorpion344
Sand Viper60Large Snake56
Rabid Chipmunk9Elshira2
Orc62Black Bear897
Ghoul1Giant Chameleon1
Silversail Defector351Elite Sentry Spider244
Demonic Sergeant16Giant Sand Wurm18
Modern Art Sculpture359Guardian of Aet'Thol3
Krenshar1Assassin Vine1
Master Thief43Vulture31
Evil Sprite12Great Eagle3
Chair3Mayor Tvarti7
Arrowhead10Suit of Armor17
Demonic Soldier33Mummy8
Guard Spider259Mutant Beetle41
Gardener9Ravenous Seagull5
Snotling17Dwarven Grenadier59
Cinder Beast47Snow Leopard21
Mountain Troll27Antelope7
Goblin Scout8Water Snake2
Lone Zebra3Three-eyed Jack3
Guard4Old Chest2
Steel Door71Old Hermit10
Deer11Dungeon Initiate99
Dungeon Guard31Magimoxama, King of the Maximoxes2
Giant Cinder Beast4Wolf Lord7
Demonic Captain4Ghast3
Wolf179Mountain Lion154
Mountain Ranger6Balrog20
Giant Bat360Asp10
Orc Chieftain8Seasonal Painting5
Psychotic Elf43Mutant Crab5
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Griffin17
Clay Golem7Colossal Ant4
Anaconda83Tree Frog9
Ice Troll46Storage Cabinet10
Pit Wraith88Scarab Skeleton325
Imperial Mummy116Ettin26
Minotaur49Bolted Chest24
Tax Lord2Bandit Leader58
Corrupt Demon217Black Scorpion5
Yeti13Rogue Swordsman24
Cyclops259Gnoll Elite18
Elven Barrow Wight1Water Fairy35
Captain Wylsen26Desert Snake124
Marauder86Giant Frog25
Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes4Crystal Giant4
Atrium Monarch2Totem Pole3
Pained Spirit1756Rattlesnake359
Drow Warrior570Alligator335
Drow Archer365Canyon Raptor117
Harpy19Grizzly Bear11
Torturer2616Teptok Warrior10
Flame Wraith6Gorilla6
Worthless Grub25Teptok Loyalist43
Telatin7Dungeon Knight11
Gargoyle46Drow Elite282
Drider Scout137Drow Mage318
Drow Priestess400Stone Door54
Vein Golem2Toucan38
Goblin Elder6Black Paladin2
Skeletal Warrior11Black Knight9
King Cobra23Kobold175
Plagued Spider8Gnoll Captain1
Gnoll Warrior1Gnoll Guard4
Snowy Owl6Sprite4
Spirit of King Durmeal1Waldren4
Hollow Man1Mana Vein6
Goblin Villager21Jaguar2
Drow Rogue149Drow Templar118
Wall Crawler12Goblin Healer2
Drow Scholar3Rottweiler9
Mutant Rat49Ghost4
Mutant Maggot7Chaotic Mage13
Pit Viper27Ibis Statue153
Chief Bodyguard22Dobermann64
Drow Blademaiden42Drow Mistress50
Bodyguard16Mutant Leech3
Nether Beast19Drow Archmage39
Dvergar Hammerlord194Dvergar Trapslinger10
Banshee9Dwarven Enchanter3
Blue Dragon4Priestess Alan'cul6
Mummified Priest17Smithy2
Dux3Anubis Statue13
Mutant Seabass2Adel4
Dvergar Firetender80Lioness7
Giant Hawk8Hell Hound72
Fire Ant Soldier87Meerkat22
Dvergar Blacksmith14Time Knight26
Cauldron9Mining Foreman2
Atrium Guard20Tower Guard19
Pious Hannah3Water Wraith2
Gnoll Slave15Kingfisher1
Door4Frost Shrine2
Guardian3Cave Bear11
Lost Soul14Time Guardian80
Dvergar Shadowcaller10Ghoul Warrior51
Oracle Ghoul2Derlok Ghoul1
Death Knight66Portcullis7
Stone Sentinel3Razorback716
Cauldron Tribesman36Goanna107
Jadeback343Stampeding Elephant126
Fire Ward11Pygmy Statue7
Inquisitor Enforcer134Roc Hatchling1
Lightning Ward9Black Jaguar314
Paladin of the Inquisition151Initiate Inquisitor148
Honey Badger19Grotesque4
Sturdy Oak Door2Time Mage14
Time Mummy9Marshal of the Inquisition26
Albino Beetle7Dvergar Houndmaster16
Shadow Dweller51Mummified Pharaoh2
High Priestess Ku'Nal4Temple Guardian3
Domesticated Euoplocephalus16Cauldron Witchdoctor21
Cauldron Chieftain5Gnomish Archaeologist7
Nyr, Sleeper Under the Mountain1Stone Dragon4
Dvergar Runemaster6Crystal Ball2
Treasure Chest1Evil Reindeer68
Evil Elf71Evil Santa4
Stone Reliquary2Woobie2
Drider Warlord1Dark Djinni12
Gargantuan Black Widow3Steel Safe5
Mana Root3Vampire1
Ogre2Large Rock5
Gnomish Sapper1Shadow Snare1
Dancing Sword2Animated Armor2
Lion Cub1Giant Water Snake2
Ocean Shark1Undead Marcus2
Writing Desk41Credenza3
Spider King6Dust Devil2
Native Ranger1Grande Inquisitor6
Giant Rat1Hedge Minion1
Statue1Dragon Hatchling1
Disciple of the Void2

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