-- Adaleo's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Archmaster Class I Templar
ClanThe Crane Temple ([Crane])
E-Mail0206; 23rd Feb 2015 - Archmaster Class I
CommentThe Paladin - with one hand killing, the other healing, good and evil in a true balance, but good cannot exist without evil, and for one to destroy the other, it destroys itself as well.
AIM Name
MSN NameYou have increased to level 31, gained 16 hp and gained 22 mana points.
KOS List
Monsters Killed6140
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time13 days, 1h46
Character Score2701
Overall Ranking911/6756
Class Ranking47/533
Last Logon12-26-2019 18:50:37
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton229Vampire Bat712
Granite Beast130Orc24
Demonic Soldier356Crystal Formation5
Giant Spider18Sentry Spider9
Brown Bear112Small Snake237
Bunny74Giant Rat276
Mutant Rat230Ghost11
Giant Leech384Ghast2
Badger12Decomposing Corpse37
Skinless27Black Bear424
Tomb Spirit1Elite Sentry Spider51
Wounded Druid1Skeletal Giant Rat4
Hyena3Giant Spider Zombie1
Skeletal Imp9Large Snake Zombie2
Sludge Tendril2Sludge Tentacle11
Druid of Barrier Forest1Skeletal Orc2
Zombie27Skeletal Bunny1
Zanitos1Black Hand Necromancer1
Spirit of Ariat2Giant Mosquito Swarm15
Vines29Hydra Hatchling5
Gnoll Guard5Gnoll Elite3
Gnoll2Gnoll Watchman6
Dead Scientist3Mutated Bear7
Toucan9Mutant Water Spider25
Water Moccasin5Assassin Vine15
Giant Crayfish5Warthog3
Mad Scientist4Large Snake22
Elven Barrow Wight1191Guard Spider37
Black Knight89Blackguard Chef193
Lieutenant Burton35Drow2
Bandit5Dire Boar1
Ghoul35Mud Monster1
Asp1Colossal Ant1
Sand Viper4Dwarven Grenadier1
Spider155Black Paladin56
Owl6Giant Bat207
Barrel29Sand Scorpion8
Dust Devil14Blackguard17
Death Knight24Blackguard Jouster28
Portcullis10Blackguard Smithy9
Braced Door9Door6
Blackguard Burton4Troll6
Skeletal Warrior20Rabid Chipmunk11
Christmas Present1Snotling2
Torturer17Giant Centipede2
Drow Blademaiden1Hedge Minion4
Sand Spider33Scorpion7
Demonic Sergeant21Demonic Captain1
Spider King1Dryad2
Razorback2Teptok Loyalist3
Teptok Warrior1Pained Spirit1
Persuaded Follower1Wildebeest1
Sandstone Block1Winged Vampire1
Lost Wisp4Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1

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