-- Addictive's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Grandmaster Class II Hunter
Clan{ffffff{T{b0b0b0{h{909090{e {ffffff{R{c0c0c0{e{b0b0b0{s{a0a0a0{i{909090{s{808080{t{707070{a{606060{n{505050{c{404040{e{00ffff{ (Codename: Duchess)
CommentYou rapidly fired at a Drider Warlord with your Cobalt Bow for 119 points of damage. Killing it.
AIM NameA large portion of the creature's chainmail is ripped from its body. The piece is tattered, but not completely destroyed.
MSN NameYou have increased to level 37, and gained 20 hp.
KOS ListSeishi just gave you a Pathfinder's Guard.
Monsters Killed7705
Players Killed114
Deaths by Players88
Total Game Time66 days, 10h26
Character Score4528
Overall Ranking270/6756
Class Ranking45/888
Last Logon06-01-2020 04:21:35
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Cinder Beast209Granite Beast274
Silversail Defector139Snotling13
Sand Spider522Small Snake23
Mutant Beetle187Guard Spider29
Ghoul3Demonic Soldier41
Hedge Minion64Troll12
Gardener12Giant Spider4
Crystal Formation1Sentry Spider15
Giant Leech5Mutant Rat40
Skeletal Warrior4Bandit Leader52
Arrowhead36Modern Art Sculpture906
Scorpion397Brown Bear71
Rogue Swordsman16Dwarven Grenadier29
Black Bear73Elite Sentry Spider8
Lifeless Soldier1Spider9
Sand Viper51Orc7
Ravenous Seagull1Mutant Crab1
Old Hermit1Scarab119
Baboon21Dungeon Initiate33
Kobold26Steel Door18
Teptok Loyalist28Suit of Armor43
Treasure Chest3Tax Lord2
Totem Pole3Mountain Lion164
Corrupt Demon18Persuaded Follower3
Spirit of King Durmeal1Skeleton6
Evil Elf36Evil Reindeer44
Dungeon Guard9Worthless Grub11
Teptok3Sand Scorpion1
Anaconda52Black Scorpion7
Desert Snake26Tree Frog12
Atrium Monarch2Hut Owner1
Mountain Ranger1Torturer335
Gargoyle29Giant Sand Wurm6
Mountain Goat36Marauder16
Mayor Tvarti9Mutant Seabass8
Gnoll Elite10Teptok Warrior15
Seasonal Painting1Asp8
Colossal Ant4Clay Golem1
Blue Dragon10Chair1
Time Knight5Hollow Man1
Plagued Spider11Telatin8
Flame Wraith2Dux2
Dungeon Knight2Ibis Statue117
Scarab Skeleton167Imperial Mummy173
Vines61Drow Archer22
Maneater69Drow Warrior56
Drow Elite39Canyon Raptor4
Stone Door18Rattlesnake30
Grasping Vines1King Cobra6
Giant Bat34Psychotic Elf5
Drow Mistress10Drow Mage63
Grizzly Bear14Drider Scout96
Tunneller3Mana Vein1
Badger5Mountain Troll2
Harpy8Drow Rogue8
Spirit of Olist3Chief Bodyguard3
Mutant Leech13Chest8
Mutant Maggot10Bodyguard1
Drow Priestess95Mana Root3
Jaguar1Black Knight5
Black Paladin3Dust Devil5
Vampire Bat11Winged Vampire3
Castle Sorcerer2Pained Spirit44
Death Knight4Stone Gargoyle1
Time Mage5Portcullis1
Adel2Anubis Statue9
Starfish1Drow Blademaiden4
Vulture5Guardian of Aet'Thol1
Giant Frog14Magimox208
Pit Viper27Mummified Priest17
Pit Wraith41Table1
Plague Fiend1Wall Crawler1
Honey Badger3Fire Ant Soldier10
Tarantula14Dvergar Hammerlord14
Hell Hound3Dvergar Firetender7
Captain Wylsen13Drider Warlord4
Ice Troll10Hedge Lord5
Minotaur8Ghoul Warrior123
Scripto Ghoul1Oracle Ghoul1
JLH Ghoul1Alligator3
Nether Beast6Dobermann2
Drow Archmage7Drow Templar44
Stone Sentinel3Giant Hawk5
Shadow Dweller4Nyr, Sleeper Under the Mountain1
Time Guardian13Wolf Lord4
Mummified Pharaoh11Banshee1
Crystal Giant2Razorback56
Black Jaguar67Inquisitor17
Demonic Sergeant1Time Mummy1
Demonic General2Dvergar Runemaster2
Paladin of the Inquisition15Initiate Inquisitor8
Domesticated Euoplocephalus5Dvergar Shadowcaller2
Cauldron Tribesman13Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes2
Sarcophagus7Snow Leopard2
Inquisitor Enforcer13Stampeding Elephant56
Satyr16Pygmy Statue4
Goanna11Marshal of the Inquisition2
Atrium Guard2Tower Guard3
Roc Hatchling1Stone Reliquary2
Cauldron Chieftain1Cauldron Witchdoctor3
Kraken3Fire Ward1
Lioness1Orc Chieftain1
Dvergar Blacksmith1Primal Bear4
Meliai3Dire Wolf3
Giant Chameleon5Snowy Owl3
Goblin Healer2Goblin Villager11
Lone Zebra1Sturdy Oak Door1
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Grande Inquisitor1
Halloween Spider1Scarecrow1
Three-eyed Jack1Dark Djinni8
Demonic Captain1Gnomish Archaeologist2

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