-- Adio's Profile --
ClassMale Elf Grandmaster Class III Priest
Clan{ffffff{T{b0b0b0{h{909090{e {ffffff{R{c0c0c0{e{b0b0b0{s{a0a0a0{i{909090{s{808080{t{707070{a{606060{n{505050{c{404040{e{00ffff{ (Gaddy)
E-Mail17 21 19 18 20 21 454hp 527mana
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed9087
Players Killed39
Deaths by Players123
Total Game Time115 days, 14h32
Character Score5975
Overall Ranking171/6756
Class Ranking24/1099
Last Logon06-05-2020 23:06:18
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton67Demonic Soldier1546
Modern Art Sculpture2110Black Bear5
Spirit of Ariat17Zombie21
Granite Beast40Vines9
Small Snake28Mummy46
Vampire Bat1321Scarab93
Guard Spider33Time Mummy45
Injured Eagle61Clay Golem1
Mutant Rat12Giant Leech14
Silversail Defector4Sand Spider19
Scorpion8Worthless Grub1
Mutant Beetle3Wall Crawler1
Orc3Cinder Beast2
Table2Giant Rat2
Seasonal Painting1Door31
Sand Viper3Demonic Scribe4
Brown Bear8Arrowhead35
Treasure Chest6Giant Sand Wurm1
Sand Scorpion1Badger1
Sentry Spider1Elite Sentry Spider65
Grasping Vines2Demonic General16
Torturer1010Teptok Loyalist37
Persuaded Follower33Spirit of King Durmeal4
Suit of Armor1Minotaur73
Banshee3Mutant Seabass7
Ghost26Dungeon Knight6
Spider King33Pit Wraith119
Dux10Imperial Mummy66
Scarab Skeleton26Ibis Statue221
Demonic Captain46Demonic Sergeant173
Imhotep5Koschei the Deathless54
Nether Beast31Skeletal Warrior7
Death Knight4Dust Devil2
Flame Wraith9Aet'Thol18
Teptok Warrior55Lost Soul4
Vein Golem5Elven Barrow Wight788
Pained Spirit37Chest10
Ghoul Warrior2Demonic Elf3
Spirit of Olist25Gnoll Archer1
Three-eyed Jack2Dark Djinni11
Balrog12Corrupt Demon2
Mummified Pharaoh4Mummified Priest10
Shadow Drake1Guardian of Aet'Thol3
Bandit Leader1Hollow Man8
Blue Dragon1Alligator1
Gnoll Elite1Albino Beetle2
Dvergar Hammerlord1Time Guardian1
Tomb Spirit71Time Mage1
Mountain Goat1Giant Bat1
Drow Templar7Drow Priestess4
Priestess Telanth1Priestess Kyorl1
Priestess Alan'cul1Priestess Nym'uer1
Drow Elite1Drow Warrior1
Drow Archmage1Chief Bodyguard1
Kraken1Chaotic Mage1
Water Snake1Mutant Leech1
Necro Claus5Lion Cub1
Mystic Formation1Inquisitor2
Evil Spirit1Wolf1
Dwarven Grenadier3Goanna1
Dungeon Initiate1Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs1

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