-- Aenema's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Archmaster Class II Knight
ClanLa Pureza De Mal (The Syndicate)
CommentYou have increased to level 31, and gained 18 hp.
AIM NameYou have increased to level 32, and gained 22 hp.
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed21188
Players Killed2461
Deaths by Players294
Total Game Time103 days, 8h58
Character Score2459
Overall Ranking1251/6756
Class Ranking47/512
Last Logon02-20-2019 22:15:01
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Garden Spider92Drunken Brawler99
Tattered Thief102Rugged Rogue99
Giant Beetle88Deer20
Bunny516Black Bear982
Small Snake1301Asp30
Giant Leech686Clay Golem9
Colossal Ant12Skeleton163
Mutant Rat805Orc5689
Brown Bear703Large Snake651
Elite Sentry Spider181Giant Rat327
Griffin31Skeletal Warrior4
Demonic Soldier408Vampire Bat1650
Granite Beast840Troll588
Water Fairy6Giant Spider102
Sentry Spider654Sand Scorpion14
Spider43Sand Spider176
Krillick the Camel5Grasping Vines10
Mutant Beetle173Cinder Beast261
Gardener24Guard Spider87
Gnoll Warrior108Gnoll Guard194
Gnoll Elite40Gnoll Archer132
Giant Frog6Sand Viper6
Gnoll Captain3Piranha3
Gnoll Slave2Ettin15
Wolf34Mountain Goat4
Owl12Mountain Lion9
Mayor Tvarti22Scarab318
Modern Art Sculpture1800Arrowhead13
Totem Pole2Lifeless Soldier3
Tax Lord3Suit of Armor7
Giant Crocodile7Giant Centipede9
Elshira18Rabid Chipmunk2
Storage Cabinet1Silversail Defector12
Crystal Giant1Mourner3
Seasonal Painting1Guardian of Aet'Thol1
Ogre5Hedge Minion13
Bloom1Desert Snake11
Atrium Monarch3Mummy44
Door15Crystal Formation1
Mutant Seabass2Dwarven Grenadier5
Time Mummy2Demonic General2
Time Knight4Snotling8
Rogue Swordsman1Evil Elf2
Time Mage2Dungeon Initiate10
Worthless Grub5Wall Crawler3
Pained Spirit99Steel Door5
Persuaded Follower2Dungeon Guard2
Corrupt Demon1Teptok Loyalist1
Kobold8Ibis Statue1
Giant Sand Wurm1Plagued Spider1
Torturer6Pit Viper3
Drow Mage1Drow Scholar1
Drow Elite1Drow Priestess1
Red Dragon13

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