-- Aeryn's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Grandmaster Class II Priest
ClanDraco Honoris Chairman
CommentSecond Grandmaster Priest... 02-03-2007.
AIM NameFirst cleric over 500mil exp... 6-23-05
MSN NameYou just bought a Cobalt Staff of the Winds.
KOS ListThere are 1 characters online, (1 users).
Monsters Killed4887
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players50
Total Game Time130 days, 2h11
Character Score18186
Overall Ranking12/6756
Class Ranking4/1099
Last Logon10-11-2015 04:58:36
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Modern Art Sculpture669Mummy8
Demonic Soldier551Garden Spider1
Giant Leech2Hedge Minion1
Granite Beast8Skeleton163
Spider11Small Snake1
Brown Bear2Injured Eagle11
Spider King78Bunny78
Vampire Bat69Aet'Thol2
Pained Spirit15Persuaded Follower3
Corrupt Demon78Teptok Loyalist126
Teptok Warrior2Torturer108
Ghast3Guard Spider93
Skeletal Warrior5Giant Spider1
Tomb Spirit259Crystal Giant7
Ghoul5Steel Door5
Ghost1Ibis Statue20
Dust Devil3Winged Vampire1
Scorpion8Scarab Skeleton26
Vampire32Stone Door1
Imperial Mummy26Sarcophagus2
Undead Marcus1Bolted Chest2
Banshee13Elite Sentry Spider43
Arovet the Infidel7Demonic Sergeant47
Demonic Captain16Mummified Pharaoh1
Imhotep2Veteran Gladiator2
Demonic General18Magimox3
Elven Barrow Wight995Ogre5
Necro Claus1

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