-- Alicia's Profile --
ClassFemale Human Archmaster Class II Knight
ClanMidnight Thorns ( t pvr)
E-MailAlicia, Alchemy, Joanna, Boldin, Rachaelsbane, ect
Comment****You can steal someones crits or steal someones heart... either way you are still a thief***** You have increased to level 30, and gained 24 hp.
AIM NameHighest rankings : Overall 26'th Fighters 11th : Exp 67th MK's 19th
MSN NameYou attacked an Orc with a Halberd for 73 points of damage, Killing it **** 25000 MK's
KOS ListThe Mosh Server: Shatter was just annihilated by Alicia with her awesome Cat O' Nine Tails!
Monsters Killed29511
Players Killed983
Deaths by Players137
Total Game Time41 days, 12h25
Character Score2447
Overall Ranking1278/6756
Class Ranking48/512
Last Logon06-15-2016 23:04:59
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Granite Beast49Mountain Goat2
Mountain Ranger1Pit Wraith1
Mountain Lion15Hedge Minion96
Brown Bear72Bandit31
Black Bear168Garden Spider1
Small Snake35Giant Spider2
Sentry Spider19Elite Sentry Spider12
Bunny100Bandit Leader3
Ice Troll12Yeti15
Orc17Snowy Owl2
Minotaur6Silversail Defector12
Sand Spider59Skeleton2
Troll6Guard Spider14
Gnoll Warrior4Ogre5
Chair1Large Snake3
Giant Leech26Mutant Rat5
Giant Rat19Suit of Armor7
Tax Lord1Arrowhead11
Modern Art Sculpture74Seasonal Painting2
Ravenous Seagull2Anaconda7
Baboon5Black Scorpion1
Desert Snake7Toucan1
Tiger4Gnoll Elite2
Gnoll Guard1Gnoll Archer1
Treasure Chest1Sand Scorpion11
Ettin7Giant Centipede1
Grasping Vines1Torturer21
Corrupt Demon7Dux1
Dungeon Knight1Plagued Spider1
Demonic Soldier7Gargoyle7
Dungeon Initiate4Worthless Grub6
Kobold1Persuaded Follower1
Teptok Loyalist11Mummy1
Cinder Beast7Gardener4
Mutant Beetle11Griffin2
Drow26Psychotic Elf3
Drow Blademaiden3Cauldron4
Vampire Bat3Death Knight6
Evil Sprite20Maneater2
Rattlesnake2Grizzly Bear1
Nether Beast1Drow Mage3
Drow Elite1Teptok1
Teptok Warrior3Winged Vampire1
Vulture34Great Eagle10
Mutant Crab1Black Paladin11
Black Knight26Skeletal Warrior13
Giant Bat6Door3
Scavenger of Greed1Rabid Chipmunk4
Sand Viper2Lion3
Pit Viper1Three-eyed Jack1
Dust Devil1Steel Door1
Magimoxama, King of the Maximoxes1Demonic Sergeant2
Dwarven Grenadier6Snotling5
Cave Bear3Dvergar Hammerlord4
Albino Beetle1Demonic General2
Goblin Villager5Wildebeest1
Vines1Drow Warrior1
Clay Golem1Antelope1
Snow Leopard2Goblin Healer2
Lioness1Goblin Scout1
Scarab Skeleton1Giant Frog2

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