-- Alloy's Profile --
ClassMale Human Archmaster Class IV Priest
Clan~*The Crypt*~ ((v))
E-MailJLH: he's poking you with a dick?
CommentYou healed a Spider King for 108 points of damage. slaying it.x5
AIM NameYou healed an Aet'Thol for 107 points of damage. slaying the lich.You got an Amulet of the Lich.I refuse to be a role model, I make mistakes, i'm human.
MSN NameYou attacked Captain Wylsen with a Broomstick for 12 points of damage, killing him.
KOS ListYou attacked a Drow Priestess with a Broomstick for 22 points of damage, defeating her.
Monsters Killed6327
Players Killed68
Deaths by Players372
Total Game Time144 days, 10h14
Character Score3094
Overall Ranking654/6756
Class Ranking111/1099
Last Logon03-26-2020 03:43:46
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Granite Beast21Scarab8
Spider28Small Snake21
Arrowhead2Modern Art Sculpture634
Injured Eagle93Spider King11
Vampire Bat405Troll3
Demonic Soldier845Cinder Beast6
Mutant Beetle3Sand Spider5
Mummy10Brown Bear8
Skeletal Warrior20Colossal Ant1
Clay Golem3Asp2
Griffin2Giant Rat4
Giant Leech21Mutant Rat10
Elite Sentry Spider24Giant Spider5
Bunny22Sentry Spider14
Lifeless Soldier2Black Bear6
Demonic General3Scorpion2
Chair1Grasping Vines2
Large Snake1Totem Pole1
Demonic Scribe2Torturer245
Persuaded Follower6Teptok Loyalist81
Corrupt Demon13Dux9
Aet'Thol4Vein Golem9
Spirit of King Durmeal3Steel Door4
Pained Spirit70Undead Marcus2
Teptok Warrior26Flame Wraith13
Ghoul7Plague Fiend3
Chaotic Mage5Hollow Man7
Tomb Spirit19Gnoll Warrior1
Guard Spider13Waldren1
Gnoll Elite2Gargoyle1
Lost Soul6Time Mummy3
Silversail Defector3Dwarven Grenadier2
Mayor Tvarti1Minotaur13
Toucan1Dungeon Knight1
Drow Elite1Mining Foreman17
Drow Corpse14Chest3
Mutant Leech13Priestess Alan'cul1
Drow Priestess3Drow Mage3
Nether Beast5Rottweiler1
Drider Scout1Spirit of Olist2
Lion1Pit Wraith1
Scarab Skeleton63Ibis Statue28
Mana Root1Crystal Giant1
Bolted Chest1Bandit Leader3
Black Paladin3Dvergar Firetender1
Elven Barrow Wight746Necro Claus1
Imperial Mummy8Koschei the Deathless6
Demonic Captain2Balrog1
Winged Vampire2Banshee2
Death Knight16Dust Devil2
Mummified Pharaoh1Suit of Armor1
Captain Wylsen2Stone Door1
Christmas Present1Demonic Elf1
Vampire1Demonic Sergeant9

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