-- Anubis' Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Legendary Hunter
Clantꮧ f ghtmt (-ױVG--GЧ-)
Comment[Clan] Rampage: rage, Your ideal job is a Trained Assassin.
AIM Name[Enemy] Jaded (to Fantasy): dude i wouldn't fuck her with your dick, with bill pushing, and blame it on dj
MSN NameTenebrae Pages You from (Hidden): but truthfully, its fuckin nm man, and i dont give a fuck if ur my good nm friend or not, if ur bein gay hen ur gunna get bitched at
KOS ListForbid (to Rage): you are a hard man to drop Forbid: rage is a pain in the arse to drop Forbid: i hit him all 5 thieves nigga still at full hp
Monsters Killed15847
Players Killed290
Deaths by Players117
Total Game Time96 days, 6h53
Character Score7705
Overall Ranking75/6501
Class Ranking14/873
Last Logon06-23-2019 15:47:22
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Cinder Beast398Gardener49
Scarab350Demonic Soldier103
Granite Beast526Sand Spider2000
Scorpion1244Mutant Beetle454
Sand Viper301Brown Bear135
Small Snake21Bandit192
Bandit Leader24Black Bear99
Wolf36Silversail Defector213
Giant Rat7Mutant Rat17
Demonic General3Troll74
Modern Art Sculpture535Skeleton21
Table14Crystal Giant9
Spider14Mayor Tvarti19
Suit of Armor19Tree Frog8
Toucan24Desert Snake34
Black Scorpion5Hedge Minion33
Ogre21Mountain Goat19
Mountain Lion61Giant Bat231
Giant Sand Wurm8Sand Scorpion20
Guard Spider40Door14
Dungeon Initiate52Bunny33
Dungeon Guard30Worthless Grub16
Wall Crawler13Pained Spirit18
Persuaded Follower16Teptok Loyalist87
Teptok Warrior24Shrieker10
Spirit of King Durmeal6Steel Door48
Captain Wylsen21Mummy13
Treasure Chest4Anaconda53
Snowman17Gnoll Guard18
Gnoll Warrior6Dasher1
Evil Reindeer49Evil Elf48
Evil Santa3Griffin30
Asp33Colossal Ant8
Large Snake8Orc54
Clay Golem13Ghast7
Seasonal Painting8Chair8
Hedge Lord9Rogue Swordsman28
Elite Sentry Spider34Vampire Bat10
Cyclops14Ibis Statue135
Scarab Skeleton149Imperial Mummy33
Dwarven Grenadier39Rattlesnake104
Drow Warrior161Gnoll Elite13
Drow Archer92King Cobra8
Maneater103Stone Door59
Drider Scout95Ettin16
Grizzly Bear6Drow Corpse1
Large Rock6Kobold75
Corrupt Demon6Teptok2
Waldren2Dungeon Knight3
Pit Wraith19Pit Viper17
Chaotic Mage6Plague Fiend6
Psychotic Elf31Evil Sprite6
Great Eagle4Owl8
Mountain Ranger5Lost Soul6
Goblin Scout12Mountain Troll20
Snow Leopard21Antelope19
Giant Leech18Decaying Corpse18
Tortured Soul24Count Dracula1
Cauldron2Servant of Greed1
Giant Centipede1Aet'Thol1
Harpy15Vein Golem5
Three-eyed Jack2Demonic Sergeant9
Sarcophagus7Castle Door1
Totem Pole1Water Fairy2
Giant Spider1Sentry Spider4
Anubis Statue5Mutant Seabass2
Fire Ant Soldier32Mongoose11
Guardian of Aet'Thol1Goblin Healer1
Dux3Goblin Villager9
Tax Lord3Minotaur5
Hell Hound47Dvergar Hammerlord109
Dvergar Firetender78Dvergar Houndmaster9
Canyon Raptor14Drow Priestess452
Stone Sentinel15Dancing Sword2
Drow Mage215Albino Beetle4
Cave Bear14Drow Archmage60
Nether Beast42Drow Templar178
Drow Elite206Mana Root22
Drow Rogue156Mana Vein2
Grotesque1Giant Chameleon2
Ensorcelled Bow1Flying Hammer2
Animated Armor2Hut Owner1
Demonic Captain1Wolf Lord5
Bushy Evergreen2Adel2
Blue Dragon3Mummified Pharaoh6
Lone Zebra1Lyzanthir the Enchanter1
Badger9Ravenous Seagull3
Ice Troll10Hollow Man2
Alligator34Chief Bodyguard18
Bodyguard11Spirit of Olist5
Shadow Dweller28Tarantula22
Kraken15Dvergar Shadowcaller16
Imhotep6Drow Mistress51
Giant Hawk9Mummified Priest6
Priestess Alan'cul5Priestess Telanth1
Inquisitor60Tower Guard21
Honey Badger11High Priestess Ku'Nal12
Paladin of the Inquisition38Drow Blademaiden14
Grande Inquisitor3Razorback587
Satyr46Black Jaguar162
Stampeding Elephant102Cauldron Tribesman29
Mutant Crab8Pygmy Statue1
Marshal of the Inquisition14Sturdy Oak Door1
Atrium Guard15Dvergar Trapslinger8
Crystal Ball3Dvergar Runemaster2
Snowy Owl2Initiate Inquisitor42
Cauldron Witchdoctor12Gnomish Archaeologist9
Gnomish Sapper3Shadow Sustainer2
Inquisitor Enforcer26Dvergar Blacksmith3
Time Guardian6Fire Ward3
Dwarven Enchanter2Pious Hannah3
Water Wraith1Cauldron Chieftain2
Drider Warlord10Time Knight2
Dark Djinni9Balrog6
Lightning Ward1Telatin2
Orc Chieftain1Lion Cub1
Goblin Elder1Sprite5
Giant Frog1Shadow Drake2
Domesticated Euoplocephalus3Flame Wraith3
Credenza3Mutant Maggot1
Plagued Spider1Steel Safe1
Brimstone Serpent5Lioness1
Wildebeest1Writing Desk1
Shadow Snare1Mining Foreman1
Tunneller2Stone Reliquary1

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