-- Anusheela's Profile --
ClassMale Elf Archmaster Protector
CommentYou have increased to level 29, gained 10 hp and gained 11 mana points.
AIM NameYou cast Depurate Undead on a Vampire Bat damaging it by 106 points of damage. Killing it.
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed12756
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time4 days, 6h28
Character Score2572
Overall Ranking1053/6756
Class Ranking48/275
Last Logon10-06-2016 21:39:37
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton1090Demonic Soldier1088
Skeletal Giant Rat45Large Snake Zombie32
Skeletal Imp57Zombie54
Skeletal Bunny8Skeletal Orc32
Giant Spider Zombie29Ghoul62
Ghast17Scarab Skeleton15
Skeletal Warrior11Mummified Slave Leader1
Mummified Slave2Imperial Mummy6
Vampire Bat9973Demonic Sergeant17
Demonic Captain8Demonic General1
Black Bear208

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