-- Arthas' Profile --
ClassMale Human Archmaster Class I Templar
Clantꮧ f ghtmt (-ױVG--GЧ-)
E-Mail19 xx 19 19 19 19
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed2507
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time15 days, 6h7
Character Score2731
Overall Ranking862/6756
Class Ranking34/533
Last Logon04-30-2020 03:31:20
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton83Demonic Soldier358
Vampire Bat186Small Snake63
Black Bear105Ogre33
Large Snake60Orc59
Brown Bear65Elite Sentry Spider57
Mutant Beetle30Cinder Beast14
Gardener1Sand Spider44
Elven Barrow Wight216Ghast1
Arrowhead2Demonic Sergeant22
Guard Spider27Modern Art Sculpture374
Scarab60Black Knight57
Troll6Captain Wylsen2
Antelope1Gnoll Guard3
Black Scorpion1Wolf3
Toucan2Mountain Lion2
Granite Beast56Bandit8
Tomb Spirit2Blackguard42
Mummy2Lieutenant Burton19
Dungeon Initiate10Pained Spirit3
Corrupt Demon165Dungeon Guard1
Black Paladin25Skeletal Warrior18
Worthless Grub2Teptok Loyalist6
Gnoll Elite2Gnoll Warrior1
Gnoll Archer1Snotling2
Owl1Clay Golem1
Mayor Tvarti2Hedge Minion2
Silversail Defector2Seasonal Painting1
Suit of Armor6Giant Bat33
Demonic Captain3Scarab Skeleton2
Ibis Statue5Imperial Mummy14
Stone Door1Scorpion18
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Spider2
Winged Vampire4Portcullis12
Blackguard Burton8Braced Door4
Psychotic Elf4Sand Viper1
Bandit Leader1Spider King1
Large Rock1Shrieker1
Kobold1Teptok Warrior2
Sand Scorpion1Demonic General2
Drow6Blackguard Jouster7
Barrel16Sandstone Block4
Blackguard Chef5Cauldron2
Asp1Colossal Ant1
Death Knight7Drow Blademaiden5
Ethereal Confine2Dwarven Grenadier2
Blackguard Smithy2Zombie1
Ghoul4Stone Gargoyle1
Piranha1Lord Darksparrow1

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