-- Celerity's Profile --
ClassFemale Elf Archmaster Class I Priestess
E-MailSweetly Dreaming and kept Safe.
CommentYou have increased to level 28, gained 8 hp and gained 10 mana points.
AIM NameA Lost Soul sings its melodic tune taunting you for 100 points of damage. You healed an Aet'Thol for 102 points of damage. slaying the lich.
MSN NameYou got an Amulet of the Lich.
KOS ListStotic attacked a Horror Hound with a Bonac Lance, but the Horror Hound's armor absorbed half the blow, dispersing it into the shadows.
Monsters Killed5358
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players205
Total Game Time90 days, 10h3
Character Score2390
Overall Ranking1388/7014
Class Ranking256/1159
Last Logon12-22-2017 19:09:50
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Injured Eagle126Corrupt Demon64
Demonic Soldier28Spirit of King Durmeal2
Undead Marcus1Demonic Scribe2
Persuaded Follower5Time Mummy7
Flame Wraith13Plague Fiend6
Lost Soul3Hollow Man2
Dungeon Knight2Vein Golem3
Vampire Bat17Chaotic Mage3
Teptok Loyalist12Granite Beast1
Small Snake1Giant Leech2
Teptok Warrior17Mutant Rat1
Pained Spirit9Cinder Beast1
Brown Bear1Modern Art Sculpture171
Mummy5Guard Spider2
Gnoll Guard1Giant Rat2
Aet'Thol3Tomb Spirit28
Spider King4Nether Beast7
Spirit of Olist3Giant Bat1
Sheep1Elite Sentry Spider15
Mining Foreman2Drow Mage1
Demonic Sergeant2Minotaur3
Gnoll Slave1Water Wraith1
Door1Skeletal Warrior3
Winged Vampire2Elven Barrow Wight354
Koschei the Deathless1

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