-- Curse's Profile --
Name Ste
ClassMale Elf Archmaster Class V Priest
Clan{ffffff{T{b0b0b0{h{909090{e {ffffff{R{c0c0c0{e{b0b0b0{s{a0a0a0{i{909090{s{808080{t{707070{a{606060{n{505050{c{404040{e{00ffff{ Founder (-:*Vtl trcto-:*)
E-Mail-:*Vtl trcto-:*
CommentA Keeper of the Iron Cauldron just gave you a Glowing Cobalt Ring.
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed11855
Players Killed2
Deaths by Players106
Total Game Time137 days, 6h32
Character Score6208
Overall Ranking134/6498
Class Ranking17/989
Last Logon03-28-2020 16:14:27
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Modern Art Sculpture2953Mummy54
Scarab5Mayor Tvarti4
Demonic Soldier1237Injured Eagle97
Small Snake48Grasping Vines1
Vampire Bat1243Giant Leech42
Mutant Rat26Black Bear48
Mutant Beetle11Guard Spider8
Brown Bear23Owl11
Badger2Hedge Minion23
Large Snake4Sand Spider17
Ravenous Seagull2Ocean Shark1
Ghast10Cinder Beast17
Troll15Granite Beast78
Crystal Formation3Elite Sentry Spider23
Seasonal Painting1Silversail Defector5
Sand Scorpion2Giant Rat30
Chair2Lifeless Soldier1
Scarab Skeleton80Rogue Swordsman2
Demonic Sergeant37Sand Viper5
Elven Barrow Wight2736Spider King6
Bandit2Demonic Captain8
Teptok Warrior5Corrupt Demon1
Teptok Loyalist7Imhotep5
Ibis Statue26Imperial Mummy17
Tomb Spirit1Drow5
Vines9Mining Foreman159
Drow Corpse2Dvergar Hammerlord1
Skeletal Warrior2Christmas Present6
Mummified Pharaoh2Three-eyed Jack4
Marauder1Goblin Villager1
Giant Cinder Beast2Suit of Armor1
Mummified Priest6Pained Spirit5
Spirit of King Durmeal2Time Guardian1
Time Mummy5Crystal Giant1
Deer2Garden Spider1
Pit Wraith8Torturer107
Kraken1Drow Mage6
Rabid Chipmunk3Maneater4
Storage Cabinet1Frost Shrine1
Banshee1Koschei the Deathless21
Priestess Nym'uer75Snow Shrine1
Drow Warrior2Bodyguard1
Hedge Lord1Adel2
Mountain Lion1Priestess Telanth27
Priestess Kyorl24Priestess Alan'cul77
Mutant Leech1Chief Bodyguard1
Giant Bat1Mana Root2
Gnoll Guard1Stone Gargoyle2
Nether Beast61Spirit of Olist7
Chaotic Mage1Vein Golem3
Demonic General2Dungeon Knight2
Gardener1Stampeding Elephant3
Drow Priestess7Balrog7
Carebol Raekor1Flame Wraith2
Dark Djinni6Shadow Drake1
Time Knight1Mutant Seabass2
Grande Inquisitor1Paladin of the Inquisition1
Water Wraith1Necro Claus2

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