-- Dauid's Profile --
ClassMale Gnome Grandmaster Class II Assassin
ClanDeus Ex Machina (Sábbáth Blòòdy Sábbáth)
CommentYou have increased to level 36, and gained 20 hp.
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KOS List
Monsters Killed7712
Players Killed219
Deaths by Players58
Total Game Time71 days, 1h0
Character Score4635
Overall Ranking253/6756
Class Ranking70/1698
Last Logon03-07-2019 06:04:39
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Brown Bear74Black Bear54
Small Snake44Large Snake6
Mayor Tvarti9Granite Beast212
Mutant Beetle27Cinder Beast34
Giant Cinder Beast3Sand Spider377
Sand Viper56Scorpion171
Troll17Modern Art Sculpture61
Mutant Rat27Master Thief146
Griffin8Elite Sentry Spider131
Steel Door89Bandit22
Demonic Soldier18Giant Crocodile2
Colossal Ant3Magimox167
Thief Guard164Suit of Armor1380
Silversail Defector103Dwarven Grenadier26
Captain Wylsen15Fire Ant Soldier9
Vein Golem6Plagued Spider7
Dux2Teptok Warrior14
Tiger9Desert Snake22
Baboon23Bandit Leader11
Dungeon Knight8Demonic Sergeant8
Blue Dragon4Guard Spider32
Crystal Giant16Lost Soul9
Gnoll Elite9Mountain Lion55
Mountain Goat12Pit Wraith4
Wolf26Mountain Ranger1
Time Mage4Anaconda20
Time Knight2Black Scorpion5
Toucan9Dungeon Initiate27
Giant Bat23Minotaur36
Ice Troll11Gnoll Guard11
Flame Wraith2Telatin2
Large Rock10Adel7
Time Mummy5Marauder9
Hedge Lord12Banshee3
Drider Scout17Drow Warrior33
Drow Priestess154Drow Archer9
Drow Mage91Grizzly Bear6
Drow Templar73Drow Elite23
Kobold6Psychotic Elf6
Drow Mistress12Rattlesnake28
Badger7High Priestess Ku'Nal6
Drow Archmage24Scarab Skeleton74
Ibis Statue102Wildebeest1
Imperial Mummy37Winged Vampire3
Mummified Priest7Mummified Pharaoh3
Guard1Old Chest1
Rogue Swordsman13Alligator3
Vampire Bat14Sarcophagus6
Canyon Raptor3Rottweiler7
Spider8Goblin Villager4
Goblin Elder3Drow Blademaiden5
Priestess Alan'cul2Corrupt Demon14
Teptok Loyalist70Orc Chieftain2
Chief Bodyguard7Jaguar2
Mutant Maggot20Dobermann27
Stone Door15Giant Hawk4
Storage Cabinet1King Cobra1
Mining Foreman1Giant Sand Wurm5
Dungeon Guard8Persuaded Follower1
Worthless Grub9Giant Water Snake1
Nether Beast1Mutant Leech1
Dvergar Hammerlord8Dvergar Firetender8
Hell Hound5Black Knight3
Snow Leopard2Goblin Healer3
Bolted Chest2Evil Sprite1
Giant Leech5Malok13
Ogre1Hedge Minion1
Mutant Crab2Arrowhead13
Smithy1Totem Pole8
Wolf Lord7Treasure Chest4
Tree Frog4Anubis Statue5
Snowy Owl1Teptok2
Demonic General1Tax Lord5
Giant Rat1Portcullis1
Dvergar Shadowcaller1Pained Spirit3
Clay Golem2Vines14
Snowman5Tower Guard1
Locksmith17Braced Door11
Guild Bartender5Gorilla1
Time Guardian9Inquisitor6
Coyote2Honey Badger2
Demonic Captain3Lioness5
Lion1Wall Crawler2
Chaotic Mage4Antelope1
Atrium Monarch3Sturdy Oak Door1
Black Jaguar24Razorback34
Ettin1Paladin of the Inquisition13
Stampeding Elephant10Cauldron Tribesman3
Cauldron Witchdoctor2Fire Ward1
Jadeback19Pygmy Statue1
Inquisitor Enforcer10Stingray2
Goanna5Drow Rogue8
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Pit Viper3
Cave Bear1Shadow Dweller4
Grotesque1Initiate Inquisitor2
Plague Fiend1Evil Reindeer19
Evil Elf23Evil Santa2
Old Hermit2Deer2
Water Fairy3Armored Horse2
Woobie's Chest1Dvergar Houndmaster1
Water Wraith1Temple Guardian1
Giant Chameleon1Gristle3
Seasonal Painting1Marshal of the Inquisition1
Sand Scorpion3Sentry Spider4

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