-- Innocence's Profile --
ClassMale Human Grandmaster Class I Templar
Clannopk party Founder
E-MailBuying 7 gloves of vigor
AIM NameCCx6 2per
MSN NameTBx5
KOS ListCKx2 Swordx1 Pendantx1
Monsters Killed1061
Players Killed
Deaths by Players2
Total Game Time19 days, 14h4
Character Score9800
Overall Ranking48/7569
Class Ranking3/560
Last Logon11-28-2023 06:25:46
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Demonic Soldier283Demonic Sergeant31
Sewage Smithy2Hydra Hatchling17
Demonic Captain7Bunny7
Giant Mosquito Swarm19Hydra Head17
Vines6Brown Bear8
Black Bear13Orc3
Small Snake18Large Snake1
Mud Monster4Giant Snapper Turtle2
Guard Spider73Elite Sentry Spider26
Demonic General2Granite Beast8
Scorpion24Vampire Bat100
Black Knight14Skeletal Warrior3
Spider King10Sand Viper1
Scarab4Steel Door2
Blackguard Jouster10Death Knight7
Cauldron1Black Paladin6
Portcullis5Sentry Spider2
Lieutenant Burton7Braced Door30
Giant Bat16Elven Barrow Wight137
Sarcophagus1Blackguard Burton1
Ethereal Confine2Modern Art Sculpture29
Ibis Statue9Imperial Mummy22
Scarab Skeleton2Mummified Priest3
Mummified Pharaoh1Snowy Owl1
Paladin of the Inquisition1Anubis Statue1
Sprite1Sandstone Block1
Drow2Suit of Armor6
Tax Lord1Mummy2
Mayor Tvarti2

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