-- Junebug's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Archmaster Class IV Priest
Clan{ffffff{T{b0b0b0{h{909090{e {ffffff{R{c0c0c0{e{b0b0b0{s{a0a0a0{i{909090{s{808080{t{707070{a{606060{n{505050{c{404040{e{00ffff{ (rg rkr)
E-Mail15 9 21 18 18 19 366hp 399mana
CommentLevel 34
AIM Name
MSN NameJLH: i'd just like to announce "i'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world"
KOS List
Monsters Killed3547
Players Killed
Deaths by Players34
Total Game Time39 days, 12h10
Character Score3601
Overall Ranking465/6501
Class Ranking77/982
Last Logon07-17-2019 02:30:27
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton204Wounded Druid1
Giant Spider Zombie18Skeletal Orc75
Skeletal Imp38Zombie111
Large Snake Zombie11Skeletal Bunny15
Hyena2Demonic Soldier344
Vampire Bat349Injured Eagle21
Small Snake4Black Bear1
Mutant Beetle6Cinder Beast1
Modern Art Sculpture1191Mummy10
Scarab1Spider King7
Tomb Spirit120Teptok Loyalist128
Pained Spirit15Torturer416
Elite Sentry Spider18Time Mummy6
Skeletal Warrior25Dust Devil10
Guard Spider6Sheep1
Vein Golem1Mutant Seabass3
Nether Beast3Minotaur37
Banshee2Scarab Skeleton19
Pit Wraith9Demonic Sergeant45
Hollow Man2Lost Soul3
Ibis Statue35Imperial Mummy13
Ghost1Winged Vampire3
Death Knight1Ghoul10
Ghast4Demonic Captain10
Teptok Warrior6Aet'Thol3
Dungeon Knight4Flame Wraith1
Demonic General5Elven Barrow Wight145
Corrupt Demon1Koschei the Deathless10
Chest1Ghoul Warrior2
Pandilex Ghoul1

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