-- Swordflower's Profile --
NameJJ, James
ClassMale Halfling Archmaster Class II Templar
E-MailLiarsenic (to Ares): You're not gay.
CommentThe Mosh Server: Ares won the mosh!!! You can do /mosh log to see what happened.
AIM NameNarcissius17
MSN NameJSwit001@hotmail.co.uk
KOS List
Monsters Killed21338
Players Killed23
Deaths by Players61
Total Game Time140 days, 11h56
Character Score2958
Overall Ranking797/7569
Class Ranking30/560
Last Logon01-31-2023 23:33:24
Staff Comment(Azure on 07-05-2007) {rc{Highly commended for his 3rd place in the Banner Contest!

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeletal Giant Rat17Skeleton1580
Small Snake1382Ghost55
Vampire Bat5541Badger38
Giant Leech648Ogre25
Orc336Large Snake145
Hyena15Skeletal Imp16
Large Snake Zombie11Druid of Barrier Forest2
Giant Spider Zombie9Skeletal Warrior9
Asp34Colossal Ant17
Giant Centipede9Giant Rat229
Mourner1Garden Spider9
Black Bear561Injured Eagle12
Giant Spider2375Crystal Formation1116
Mutant Rat346Troll141
Brown Bear285Wounded Druid24
Bunny612Sentry Spider1700
Deer30Demonic Soldier1378
Owl103Giant Crocodile10
Granite Beast219Griffin28
Clay Golem3Skeletal Orc13
Zombie18Sludge Tendril3
Sludge Tentacle25Skeletal Bunny4
Hedge Minion4Grasping Vines4
Bandit19Cinder Beast34
Gardener10Goblin Scout8
Mutant Beetle34Guard Spider18
Elite Sentry Spider343Vines8
Hydra Hatchling1Hydra Head3
Bloom1Castle Door3
Kobold1Persuaded Follower1
Portcullis3Mayor Tvarti24
Sand Spider19Table95
Skeletal Sprite13Wolf6
Dwarven Grenadier3Grave Stone1
Guardian of Aet'Thol2Scorpion5
Sprite2Rabid Chipmunk98
Scarab6Treasure Chest2
Mummy1Modern Art Sculpture27
Demonic Captain1Gnoll Warrior2
Gnoll Guard6Gnoll Elite6
Gnoll Archer4Tax Lord2
Suit of Armor3Demonic Sergeant10
Black Paladin2Dust Devil1
Totem Pole1Giant Frog1
Silversail Defector9Ravenous Seagull3
Mutant Crab1Vulture2
Mountain Troll1Dungeon Initiate7
Dungeon Guard1Adel3
Sand Viper2Bigfoot1
Grizzly Bear5Rogue Swordsman3
Time Mummy1Nether Beast1
Drow Corpse1Large Rock1
Giant Bat5Bandit Leader3
Arrowhead1Psychotic Elf1
Kingfisher2Fire Ant Soldier1
Atrium Monarch1Giant Cinder Beast1
Evil Sprite3Lioness1
Orc Chieftain1Great Eagle2
Ettin1Elven Barrow Wight552
Death Knight3Black Knight2
Sand Scorpion1Blackguard Chef2
Drow Archer1Old Hermit1
Mountain Lion2Blackguard Smithy1
Barrel1Braced Door4
Dvergar Hammerlord1Honey Badger1
Hell Hound1Scarab Skeleton1
Antelope1Snow Leopard1

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