-- Library - Living Tome --
Type of EquipmentShield
Armor base0
Can be worn bymages
DescriptionThis book is so dangerous that it has to be locked in a cage if not handled by a trained individual. It whispers arcane words to you, and you have a hard time keeping it on the same page, if not trying to avoid losing your hand as it snaps shut on a whim. You swear the eyes on its cover are looking at you. Either way, despite common sense asking why on earth anyone would bewitch a book, or tame a mimic, whatever this thing is, its whispered, sinister ramblings do hold a lot of merit, and you figure you can use the knowledge it beholds.
Level needed to equip it33
Strength modifier
Intelligence modifier1
Dexterity modifier
Constitution modifier
Wisdom modifier
Charisma modifier-1
Absorb spell

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