-- Adultery's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Grandmaster Class IV Hunter
Clanrk ţn Founder (.`. n - SiL .`.)
E-MailStats: 18 15 21 18 18 19
CommentYou have increased to level 39, and gained 17 hp.
AIM Namehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nkwhj96kVyU
MSN NameA Wooden Bench just gave you a Metal Crate of Leathery Hides. - Server First!
KOS Listdanny - 8 nightshades in = 2pk's = proof he's bitch made
Monsters Killed73369
Players Killed4
Deaths by Players40
Total Game Time94 days, 15h2
Character Score8099
Overall Ranking28/1825
Class Ranking7/153
Last Logon06-18-2021 17:12:11
Staff Comment(Stig on 08-24-2014) Day-banned for exploiting a bug that constitutes harassment despite being warned.

-- Monsters Killed --
Cockroach178Small Snake1615
Skeleton Skull53Mole Rat14
Brown Bear1337Owl496
Large Snake293Vines307
Black Bear2848Granite Beast1918
Giant Leech3071Giant Centipede14
Giant Crocodile4Skeleton214
Gnoll Guard90Gnoll Archer296
Giant Frog13Water Fairy32
Badger47Sentry Spider747
Bunny257Crystal Formation57
Giant Spider137Elite Sentry Spider2344
Mutant Rat400Scarab1887
Gnoll Slave8Mountain Troll1534
Griffin254Gnoll Elite89
Mountain Lion106Giant Snapper Turtle5
Giant Mosquito Swarm1Table105
Sand Viper56Sand Spider485
Giant Rat556Demonic Soldier346
Demonic Sergeant57Hydra Hatchling3
Ogre420Hedge Minion7989
Vulture590Modern Art Sculpture11140
Evil Sprite78Goblin Scout124
Snow Leopard54Old Hermit3
Ravenous Seagull212Scorpion203
Bandit139Bandit Leader8
Grizzly Bear17Arrowhead1457
Suit of Armor842Goblin28
Goblin Warrior31Deer36
Great Eagle381Stone Door65
Gnoll Warrior73Kyriarchian Zealot56
Kyriarchian Magician33Troll498
Kyriarchian Prophet17Kyriarchian Dragontamer5
Kyriarchian Fanatic6Wolf74
Sand Scorpion13Stone Crypt5
Einon2Crystal Giant4
Captain Wylsen4Dwarven Grenadier18
Giant Sand Wurm2Mountain Goat25
Ice Troll675Yeti12
Cyclops42Dragon Hatchling4
Lost Wisp6Sprite39
Rattlesnake104Drow Warrior34
Dungeon Initiate70Worthless Grub10
Dungeon Guard10Wall Crawler5
Rogue Swordsman3Rabid Chipmunk39
Antelope146Cinder Beast1611
Gardener197Mutant Beetle1427
Mayor Tvarti81Butterfly95
Vampire Bat338Garden Spider1
Bigfoot2Giant Cinder Beast14
Demonic Captain10Mutant Crab4598
Braced Door14Gnoll2
Black Scorpion2Marauder2
Atrium Monarch4Goblin Villager3
King Cobra6Maneater67
Giant Bat44Spirit of Olist1
Snowy Owl12Freshwater Golem6
Pond Sprite7Harpy1
Plague Demon16Dead Scientist8
Bezerker110Gnoll Captain16
Guard Spider156Albino Beetle22
Bronze Hornet13Barricade9
Seasonal Painting25Totem Pole18
Ocean Shark2Gnoll Juvenile13
Silversail Defector30Desert Snake5
Time Knight1Drow Archer72
Tax Lord41Gorilla2
Tiger4Ibis Statue17
Scarab Skeleton16Skeletal Warrior5
Clay Golem23Colossal Ant672
Minotaur20Tree Frog2
Time Guardian1Zombie10
Mummified Pharaoh1Imperial Mummy4
Mummified Priest6Ghoul29
Gristle11Drow Elite21
Door6Bolted Chest2
Ethereal Shrine1Bloom28
Warthog25Giant Cockroach1
Demonic General4Hedge Lord11
Mine Bandit16Mine Marauder5
Coal Seam11Pit Viper9
Pit Wraith32Black Orc1478
Cold Sprite9Coal Golem4
Scribe9Persuaded Follower3
Steel Door6Teptok Loyalist17
Torturer39Aquatic Tendril3
Gnoll Watchman3Pained Spirit27
Teptok Warrior4Telatin2
Mad Scientist2Lost Soul1
Vein Golem2Anubis Statue1
Flame Wraith5Blue Dragon2
Starfish29Mutant Seabass12
Insect Pod10Titan Hornet7
Abnormal Snake6Charging Soldier4
Undead Minion7Withering Woman2
Qu'Lork1Blind Giant Rat2
Kobold12Ice Wraith5
Black Orc Aeromancer3Giant Hawk1
Drow Mage11Drow Priestess26
Drow Templar8Mana Root4
Nether Beast3Orc Chieftain1
Dungeon Knight1Gargoyle2
Red Ant36Mud Worm35
Deinonychus24Twilight Treant24
Jungle Snapper14Shrieking Spectre26
Mystic Formation6Stampeding Elephant5
Alligator4Canyon Raptor5
Black Orc Pyromancer3Drow Champion6
Sparkling Seam3Guardian Golem1
Black Orc Psychromancer1Predator Orc2
Black Orc Hydromancer1Hornet Larva3
Mountain Ranger3Priestess Alan'cul2
Hollow Man1Grasping Vines1
Treasure Chest3Lunar Pedestal1
Gargantuan Black Widow1Cauldron3
Psychotic Elf2Drow Blademaiden3
Red Dragon2Undead Arm1
Kingfisher1Three-eyed Jack4
Mutant Maggot2Lesser Werewolf18
Skeletal Bunny1Evil Elf10
Evil Santa7Dancer2
Snowman1Black Wight9
Valravn10Wolf Spider9
Dark Gnome2Abandoned Golem10
Goblin Archer1Red Fox5
Elven Barrow Wight40Goblin Shaman8
Goblin Elite5Stone Gargoyle5
Tomb Spirit3Death Knight2
Castle Sorcerer8Witch1
Frankenstein's Monster2Sheep1
Jiangshi, Vampire Lord1Halloween Spider1
Forest Bandit1Lingering Soul1
Lyzanthir the Enchanter2Abyssal Demon3
Snow Fox373Snow Wight316
Tundra Wolf256Skeletal Wight11
Wolverine2Necro Claus2
Polar Bear13Banshee1

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