-- Alpha's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Grandmaster Class III Guardian
Clanrk ţn Leader (!.-'-. HtD .-'-.!)
Comments-r e-a w-r
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KOS List
Monsters Killed56947
Players Killed17
Deaths by Players7
Total Game Time56 days, 18h48
Character Score6983
Overall Ranking61/2010
Class Ranking8/243
Last Logon09-29-2023 20:30:15
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-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton Skull83Cockroach134
Skeleton48Mole Rat29
Vines607Wounded Druid2
Hydra Hatchling159Giant Snapper Turtle1
Brown Bear523Black Bear529
Bandit849Small Snake690
Giant Mosquito Swarm30Wolf444
Granite Beast825Mutant Rat286
Large Snake247Ogre170
Goblin37Skeletal Giant Rat2
Giant Frog3Grasping Vines2
Hydra Head42Mud Monster2
Sentry Spider6Bunny26
Giant Rat296Sand Spider173
Sand Viper7Scorpion39
Modern Art Sculpture1084Spider18
Troll200Hedge Minion1655
Hedge Lord10Mayor Tvarti47
Cinder Beast519Asp335
Mutant Beetle407Gardener171
Giant Leech463Goblin Scout261
Lioness877Lion Cub5
Goblin Elder2Giant Cinder Beast76
Gnoll Guard97Gnoll Archer328
Gnoll Warrior18Colossal Ant4399
Badger18Lost Wisp9
Gnoll Elite24Drow3658
Goblin Warrior11Giant Cockroach4
Seasonal Painting8Bandit Leader204
Arrowhead132Gnoll Slave23
Water Wraith16Ettin17
Dungeon Initiate60Dungeon Guard16
Cyclops64Ice Troll14
Worthless Grub19Spirit of King Durmeal4
Torturer32Mine Bandit4
Deer5Enchanted Sword2
Suit of Armor163Tax Lord2
Maneater99Drow Archer11
Mysterious Chest1Demilich1
Drow Warrior6Drow Elite7
Snowy Owl2Stone Door22
Braced Door7Pained Spirit109
Teptok Loyalist9Sprite44
Aquatic Tendril5Freshwater Golem1
Vampire Bat17180Clay Golem148
Time Guardian4Gnoll Captain6
Gnoll Watchman1Mountain Troll79
Antelope35Plague Demon5
Mummy9Dark Gnome2
Demonic Soldier44Demonic Captain7
Demonic Sergeant11Yeti3
Minotaur27Bolted Chest4
Dwarven Grenadier4Silversail Defector13
Snow Leopard19Bigfoot1
Alligator7Giant Bat12
Giant Hawk1Steel Door7
Persuaded Follower2Giant Water Snake4
Water Snake10Sand Scorpion2
Waldren1Vein Golem1
Demonic General2Sabretooth Tiger1
Griffin4325Atrium Monarch1
Adel25Canyon Raptor6
Elite Sentry Spider424Guard Spider96
Barricade12Drow Blade Mage1
Mine Marauder3Psychotic Elf2
Drow Champion4Ibis Statue41
Ensorcelled Bow1Animated Armor1
Demonic Elf23Warthog2
Scarab Skeleton107Ghoul39
Mountain Lion355Mountain Ranger2
Pit Viper2Teptok1
Grizzly Bear1Totem Pole6
Great Eagle1Door4
Rogue Swordsman2Three-eyed Jack3
Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes2Magimox664
Black Scorpion1Time Knight1
Starfish26Mutant Crab1849
Lesser Werewolf7Bronze Hornet5
Ravenous Seagull1295Mountain Goat57
Gnoll Juvenile1Deinonychus12
Jungle Snapper9Red Ant8
Mining Foreman1Rottweiler1
Drow Mage2Drow Rogue2
Drow Templar1Drow Priestess8
Nether Beast3Mystic Formation10
Shrieking Spectre23Nymph644
Injured Eagle7Arcane Spire of the Ocean4
Mummified Slave1339Zombie15
Skeletal Warrior25Mummified Slave Leader6
Red Dragon3Twilight Treant11
Elven Barrow Wight23Black Wight32
Shadow Wraith21Banshee3
Valravn1Wolf Spider10
King Cobra2Dire Wolf20
Primal Bear1Coal Golem1
Albino Beetle3Teptok Warrior1
Dux1Skeletal Bunny33
Toad1Rabid Chipmunk4
Demonic Bunny1Cavern Imp6
Cave Racer4Stampeding Elephant1
Mud Worm6Sparkling Seam1
Spideresque Shadowman7Shadow Demon3
Arcane Spire of the Flame1Crystal Formation1004
Pond Sprite2Vampire7
Revenant3Neonate Vampire3
Bobcat54Vampire Patriarch1
Drow Blademaiden2Cauldron1
Red Fox19Ghast2
Black Knight484Forest Bandit2
Abandoned Golem4Condor1
Goblin Shaman6Goblin Elite12
Goblin Chieftain9Gh'ul'arg1
Gargoyle1Bronze Mummy1
Green Mummy2Evil Spirit4
Undead Drow Necromancer1Blue Dragon1
Snow Fox24Polar Bear1
Wolverine1Treasure Chest1
Red Mummy1Evil Deity1
Goblin Archer6Crystal Golem779
Imperial Mummy1Goblin Villager1
Giant Sand Wurm1

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