-- Anarchy's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Grandmaster Class II Assassin
Clanrk ţn (Ld f Htd)
CommentIf You Wish To Kill Me, Hate Me, Detest Me... And Survive In An Unsightly Way. Run. Run And Cling To Life....You Are Weak, Why Are You Weak? Because You Lack Hatred
AIM NameYou assassinated an Uo'Hop.You assassinated a Malok.A Malok dropped an Emerald Dagger.You got an Emerald Dagger.
MSN NameThe Mosh Server: Anarchy won the mosh!!x8.
KOS List Maximus should never have tried facing the wrath of Bubbles's Torch!
Monsters Killed67631
Players Killed347
Deaths by Players82
Total Game Time94 days, 3h25
Character Score5222
Overall Ranking91/2010
Class Ranking7/247
Last Logon03-22-2020 11:48:20
Staff Comment(Derlok on 04-25-2009) {0000ff{The weaker you are the louder you bark.

-- Monsters Killed --
Vines319Giant Rat827
Giant Leech371Giant Mosquito Swarm30
Hydra Hatchling37Mutant Rat723
Brown Bear954Small Snake1119
Door10Burly Bartender1
Drunken Brawler2Thief Guard4089
Black Bear542Orc555
Large Snake107Bandit213
Ogre445Dwarven Grenadier15
Demonic Soldier138Demonic Sergeant16
Skeleton178Sentry Spider8843
Giant Spider66Crystal Formation5
Elite Sentry Spider1169Gnoll Elite358
Vampire Bat421Banshee3
Rabid Chipmunk6Giant Frog59
Hydra Head9Mud Monster1
Scarab3486Modern Art Sculpture1246
Seasonal Painting8Toucan31
Anaconda34Desert Snake22
Bunny198Gnoll Warrior357
Gnoll Guard722Drow1446
Granite Beast1027Gnoll Archer2471
Steel Door886Master Thief8341
Smithy18Braced Door630
Crystal Giant5Stone Door78
Sand Spider1138Deer42
Guild Bartender29Demonic Captain5
Scorpion243Sand Viper64
Troll665Hedge Minion2902
Asp518Three-eyed Jack2
Cinder Beast1634Mutant Beetle3638
Goblin Villager22Gristle19
Maneater50Giant Bat27
Goblin Scout186Snow Leopard37
Antelope40Goblin Healer7
Hedge Lord7Drow Elite8
Canyon Raptor11Grizzly Bear78
Mountain Lion34Badger60
Rattlesnake88Drow Archer21
Drow Warrior38Mountain Goat31
Dungeon Initiate163Large Rock4
Table49Mayor Tvarti8
Goblin Elder3Baboon19
Bandit Leader16Starfish11
Sand Scorpion30Ettin185
Giant Hawk1Giant Centipede2
Mountain Troll21Tree Frog12
Gorilla10Time Mage1
Kingfisher34Giant Cinder Beast74
Colossal Ant836Griffin446
Clay Golem106Skeletal Warrior14
Water Fairy10Garden Spider2
Teptok Loyalist19Wolf57
Scarab Skeleton3Ibis Statue6
Giant Sand Wurm7Vulture74
Mourner1Lion Cub13
Lone Zebra3Gnoll Slave119
Great Eagle66Bigfoot3
Water Snake2Mummy14
Nymph6Evil Sprite26
Silversail Defector23Alligator11
Black Scorpion7Gnoll Watchman205
Gnoll52Dead Scientist11
Mad Scientist2Gnoll Captain11
Time Knight2Guard Spider63
Totem Pole5Treasure Chest2
Animatronic Soldier17Evil Elf6
Mutant Crab238Rogue Swordsman2
Pit Wraith1Captain Wylsen6
Donner3Black Knight10
King Cobra2Harpy4
Snowy Owl4Worthless Grub35
Wall Crawler24Kobold15
Shrieker30Pained Spirit4093
Persuaded Follower311Dungeon Guard36
Mutant Seabass1Ice Troll12
Cyclops33Corrupt Demon156
Torturer13Plagued Spider2
Vein Golem1Teptok Warrior48
Blue Dragon2Lyzanthir the Enchanter1
Mansion Owner101Dire Boar1
Plague Demon3Herric3
Mutated Bear1Guard2
Spirit of King Durmeal4Lost Soul2
Dungeon Knight1Gargoyle1
Minotaur10Drow Priestess5
Yeti5Bolted Chest1
Aet'Thol1Imperial Mummy5
Imhotep1Tax Lord3
Grasping Vines3Suit of Armor79
Mole Rat1Cockroach9
Spirit Guard1Uo'Hop1
Ghast1Skeleton Skull4
Dimensional Planewalker1Pit Viper2
Drow Mage1Sarcophagus1
Albino Beetle339Ghoul5
Giant Crocodile1Drow Templar1
Nether Beast1Barricade15
Bronze Hornet14Dux1
Telatin1Native Ranger1
Time Guardian3Mud Worm3
Twilight Treant1Titan Hornet1
Wolf Spider22Skeletal Bunny4
Demonic Bunny1Insect Pod3
Hornet Larva2Freshwater Golem4
Aquatic Tendril4Pond Sprite3
Mine Bandit1Psychotic Elf1
Black Wight8Magimox3
Undead Drow Necromancer2Elven Barrow Wight7
Gnoll Juvenile35Ravenous Seagull263
Old Hermit1Zebra10
Lingering Soul136Forest Bandit292
Coral Caterpillar12Silver Fox174
Earth Elemental6Jackalope84
Giant Snapper Turtle31Widow Spider1
Dryad6Abandoned Golem47
Elm Wisp1Revenant5
Ghost2Unwilling Vampire2
Neonate Vampire4Writing Desk1
Dark Gnome1Captured Bandit8
Old Chest1Red Fox1

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