-- Angel's Profile --
ClassFemale Human Archmaster Class V Assassin
ClanPandemonium (fire)
E-Mail[Clan] Lethal_Dose: just say no to short swords
CommentYou assassinated Imhotep.You got 15008 gold pieces.Imhotep: Anubis will see you in the underworld!
AIM Namecombined: 8
MSN NameDevotchka assassinated you! ------ thats Hot
KOS ListTurbulence had Red Wine.Turbulence pees all over
Monsters Killed37639
Players Killed72
Deaths by Players50
Total Game Time62 days, 3h32
Character Score3562
Overall Ranking148/1825
Class Ranking22/224
Last Logon07-03-2020 12:20:49
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Rugged Rogue1Garden Spider1
Small Snake3011Skeleton965
Sentry Spider392Giant Rat1556
Black Bear722Deer58
Giant Snapper Turtle12Hydra Hatchling88
Door8Master Trainer1
Thief1Burly Bartender1
Drunken Brawler1Thief Guard946
Braced Door281Guard Dogs1
Gnoll Guard2512Gnoll Elite463
Gnoll Watchman49Brown Bear371
Giant Leech596Ogre88
Giant Frog7Mutant Rat1475
Guard5Demonic Sergeant10
Demonic Soldier54Large Snake105
Anaconda7Desert Snake12
Giant Mosquito Swarm54Rabid Chipmunk9
Giant Spider21Mud Monster20
Hydra Head42Hydra Body2
Hedge Minion214Troll164
Hedge Lord8Giant Crocodile4
Mayor Tvarti13Mansion Owner2
Elite Sentry Spider25Scarab2457
Bandit102Colossal Ant411
Granite Beast352Sand Spider201
Sand Scorpion2Chair20
Treasure Chest3Vampire Bat428
Cinder Beast1587Elshira1
Stone Door60Water Fairy1
Mutant Beetle1365Gardener477
Crystal Giant1Steel Door278
Master Thief1480Goblin Scout108
Antelope27Mountain Troll16
Snow Leopard25Kingfisher5
Grizzly Bear3Gnoll Warrior956
Gnoll Archer5972Drow Archer13
Giant Bat19Maneater30
Scorpion35Modern Art Sculpture298
Seasonal Painting7Demonic Captain2
Lifeless Soldier2Sand Viper15
Canyon Raptor8Banker3
Guild Bartender19Old Chest1
Gristle19Dead Scientist11
Gnoll Captain31Tree Frog1
Black Scorpion2Time Knight2
Lyzanthir the Enchanter2Malok6
Giant Sand Wurm4Wolf32
Snowy Owl3Bandit Leader10
Clay Golem23Skeletal Warrior10
Lone Zebra1Water Snake8
Zebra1Giant Centipede1
Totem Pole6Arrowhead3
Suit of Armor137Tax Lord16
Shadow1Demonic General3
Dungeon Initiate33Dungeon Guard23
Teptok Loyalist10Waldren1
Tiger3Atrium Monarch1
Giant Water Snake2Marauder61
Silversail Defector19Great Eagle5
Vulture17Evil Sprite9
Mountain Lion23Mountain Ranger1
Pit Viper6Time Mage1
Drow Warrior7Adel7
Dwarven Grenadier14Baboon4
Grasping Vines1Captain Wylsen1
Animatronic Soldier2Donner2
Harpy1Giant Hawk1
Goblin Villager28Large Rock4
Worthless Grub19Pained Spirit187
Spirit of King Durmeal1Wall Crawler9
Shrieker2Mutant Seabass1
Mountain Goat9Yeti6
Gnoll Slave27Mutant Crab403
Water Wraith6Goblin Elder2
Corrupt Demon52King Cobra3
Mad Scientist4Persuaded Follower1
Plague Fiend1Plagued Spider1
Vein Golem1Minotaur6
Alligator15Rogue Swordsman1
Goblin Healer3Kobold2
Lion1Mutated Bear10
Bezerker33Ice Troll6
Guard Spider22Ghoul9
Zombie1Ibis Statue10
Scarab Skeleton10Anubis Statue1
Imhotep1Imperial Mummy2
Snotling5Aquatic Tendril5
Pond Sprite3Bronze Hornet22
Barricade105Coal Seam247
Albino Beetle13Rockfall3
Praying Mantis4Freshwater Golem4
Black Orc40Sparkling Seam655
Ice Wraith3Mine Bandit3
Drow Elite2Castle Door3
Mine Marauder2Cold Sprite16
Coal Golem6Predator Orc4
Teptok1Gnoll Juvenile1
Giant Cinder Beast7Cockroach2
Ravenous Seagull285Undead Arm5
Deranged Witch7Crazed Zombie12
Hysterical Ghoul2Deluded Ghast2
Traumatized Ghost1Psychotic Elf1
Drow Blademaiden1Cauldron1
Shrieking Spectre19Jungle Snapper8
Twilight Treant11Red Ant14
Mud Worm6Stampeding Elephant3
Deinonychus5Red Dragon1
Evil Elf1Snowman2
Chief Bodyguard1Mutant Maggot1
Ghost1Drow Priestess1
Drow Templar1Dasher1
Rudolph1Mystic Formation5
Black Orc Hydromancer2Lost Wisp2
Storage Cabinet2Lunar Pedestal1
Forest Bandit13Coral Caterpillar38
Silver Fox4Jackalope10
Bloom18Elm Wisp3

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