-- Ares' Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Legendary Slayer
Clanߧ h
E-MailYou have increased to level 40, and gained 33 hp.
CommentChieftain Olaf just gave you a Truegold Clasps.
AIM Namett: 24 18 19 21 18 17 846 Hp
MSN NameA Champion Brawler just gave you a Barbarian's Braid.
KOS ListYou equipped a Rose Garland.
Monsters Killed92169
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time43 days, 5h58
Character Score8668
Overall Ranking29/2010
Class Ranking4/246
Last Logon03-04-2024 14:13:58
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Garden Spider3Lost Wisp1
Goblin3Tattered Thief1
Thief1Small Snake300
Skeleton Skull38Ogre8690
Giant Rat19Giant Frog11
Cockroach12Mutant Rat12
Bobcat28Giant Mosquito Swarm1
Red Fox38Elite Sentry Spider31
Large Snake39Gnoll Warrior17362
Skeleton80Gnoll Guard50531
Gnoll Elite761Vampire Bat44
Bandit897Black Bear342
Brown Bear412Mysterious Chest3
Granite Beast4793Skeletal Wight14
Snow Wight118Enchanted Sword4
Cinder Beast303Mutant Beetle720
Hedge Minion225Mountain Lion44
Atrium Monarch8Revenant10
Vampire13Vampire Patriarch3
Dwarven Grenadier25Mountain Troll12
Sparkling Seam2Predator Orc6
Coal Golem2Shadow Demon10
Crystal Minion7Ice Wraith23
Possessed Dagger3Ensorcelled Bow3
Dwarven Enchanter1Flying Hammer2
Animated Armor2Griffin135
Colossal Ant146Clay Golem5
Demonic Soldier84Ghoul5
Silversail Defector63Rogue Swordsman12
Pond Sprite1Aquatic Tendril1
Jungle Snapper20Mud Worm26
Sand Spider15Teptok Warrior18
Hollow Man5Plagued Spider7
Ghast8Mountain Goat8
Bandit Leader3Dungeon Initiate32
Worthless Grub5Teptok Loyalist37
Steel Door5Dungeon Guard7
Vein Golem4Telatin6
Twilight Treant47Giant Leech81
Herald of the Damned13Three-eyed Jack1
Goblin Scout57Mole Rat6
Snow Fox19Lingering Soul14
Starfish13Ravenous Seagull393
Great Eagle5Deer1
Forest Bandit917Widow Spider6
Giant Cinder Beast9Earth Elemental5
Magimox5Giant Centipede6
Bolted Chest4Pamola8
Ice Troll6Banshee6
Giant Crocodile1Mayor Tvarti15
Scarab697Shrieking Spectre19
Spider2Guard Spider3
Modern Art Sculpture29Seasonal Painting94
Aet'Thol6Snowy Owl3
Goblin Elder12Goblin Villager32
Red Ant23Deinonychus21
Owl7Demonic Sergeant11
Maneater82Drow Elite57
Drow Champion29Mystic Formation6
Red Dragon9Gnoll Captain6
Gnoll Archer2Hedge Lord3
Crystal Golem3Demonic General3
Stampeding Elephant11Yeti2
Moon Spire2Lunar Pedestal2
Albino Beetle5Black Orc Hydromancer2
Black Orc Pyromancer1Cold Sprite10
Black Orc Cryomancer2Black Orc Geomancer1
Crystal Sprite2Black Wight10
Desert Snake67Time Guardian71
Time Knight34Sand Viper16
Chaotic Mage10Dungeon Knight7
Drow36Drow Archer17
Drow Priestess78Psychotic Elf5
Drow Blade Mage4Black Orc9
Soul Demon1Crystal Guardian1
Mahakali the Immortal1Snow Leopard5
Demonic Captain4Captain Wylsen7
Magician Bandit1Arcane Spire of the Soil1
Waldren2Lost Soul5
Silver Fox1Marauder1
Anaconda1King Cobra3
Drow Warrior40Canyon Raptor5
Giant Bat4Flame Wraith4
Blue Dragon6Pained Spirit3
Shadow Wraith2Lyzanthir the Enchanter2
Plague Fiend3Abyssal Demon12
Gnoll Watchman4Gnoll6
Suit of Armor28Giant Vampire Bat4
Treasure Chest1Mine Bandit3
Guardian Golem4Spideresque Shadowman15
Wolf Spider3Rattlesnake26
Alligator2Crystal Giant1
Snotling5Neonate Vampire6
Unwilling Vampire4Ghost6
Wildebeest1Wolf Lord1
Drow Rogue9Drow Mistress3
Drow Templar23High Priestess Ku'Nal2
Nether Beast10Chief Bodyguard4
Bodyguard8Mining Foreman2
Door5Stone Door4
Drow Mage3Mana Vein1
Stone Fish39Lady Talaska5
Priestess Alan'cul1Drider Scout1
Mana Root1Stone Sentinel1
Mana Heart2Elm Tree1
Quartermaster Maddox1Lt Commander Blackburn1
Skeletal Bunny1Zombie4
Haunted Portrait1Animated Bear Skin3

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