-- Armageddon's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Grandmaster Class I Assassin
Clanrk ţn (.`. n - SiL .`.)
E-MailStats: 21 8 18 21 8 14
CommentA memo from Armageddon on 01-19-2014 16:59:53 saying [Enemy] Arsenal: all east,allsouth, all east, 2 north, down, west, all south, west, all south, all west, north twice, west, down, west, pk barricad
AIM Name.!.
MSN Name.!.
KOS List.!.
Monsters Killed55070
Players Killed165
Deaths by Players67
Total Game Time71 days, 14h11
Character Score4220
Overall Ranking133/2010
Class Ranking17/247
Last Logon03-26-2022 22:56:39
Staff Comment(Stig on 02-01-2015) Daybanned for bypassing /ignorepc to harass a player.

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake3632Black Bear2303
Giant Rat1345Mutant Rat471
Vines498Giant Snapper Turtle6
Hydra Hatchling103Giant Mosquito Swarm52
Hydra Head34Brown Bear1422
Sentry Spider373Giant Spider1229
Giant Frog14Giant Leech684
Bandit102Mayor Tvarti123
Orc728Grasping Vines2
Thief Guard435Rugged Rogue55
Smithy26Drunken Brawler12
Braced Door241Sylva203
Guard Dogs245Rel-thon5
Coffer65Rel-thon's Chest1
Elite Sentry Spider2384Teller3
Chest155Spirit of Ruh'guul1
Master Trainer6Librarian1
Burly Bartender6Ogre380
Crystal Formation76Skeleton Skull177
Large Snake171Cockroach119
Mole Rat31Deer13
Mud Monster12Scarab5998
Demonic Soldier472Badger15
Skeleton5134Gnoll Guard330
Gnoll Elite105Gnoll Archer1222
Gnoll Warrior60Giant Centipede4
Giant Crocodile2Hedge Minion2162
Stone Door205Vampire Bat3041
Drow1881Granite Beast2845
Sand Spider817Scorpion277
Goblin Scout45Mountain Troll413
Plague Demon3Herric1
Bigfoot2Dwarven Grenadier37
Totem Pole19Arrowhead318
Cinder Beast433Master Thief63
Banker2Mutant Beetle819
Gardener108Gnoll Slave12
Ettin133Mutant Crab61
Wolf37Suit of Armor1057
Tax Lord25Modern Art Sculpture2390
Mummy47Seasonal Painting29
Asp286Steel Door42
Colossal Ant551Sprite24
Orc Chieftain1Mountain Lion33
Clay Golem66Griffin370
Great Eagle92Vulture147
Garden Spider3Owl88
Drow Archer14Starfish51
Guard Spider111Treasure Chest3
Evil Sprite35Sand Viper76
Gnoll Captain13Gnoll Watchman7
Grizzly Bear20Demonic Sergeant16
Demonic Captain3Nymph8
Snow Leopard51Three-eyed Jack4
Bandit Leader7Anaconda7
Baboon4Desert Snake2
Worthless Grub16Undead Marcus2
Pained Spirit485Spirit of King Durmeal5
Mad Scientist2Mutated Bear1
Dead Scientist1Scarab Skeleton6
Skeletal Warrior10Hedge Lord5
Drow Blademaiden1Sand Scorpion1
Adel6Ice Troll3
Yeti2Silversail Defector181
Tree Frog259Toucan2
Drider Scout1Drow Champion1
King Cobra2Drow Warrior14
Mountain Goat27Malok3
Gristle12Giant Bat12
Captain Wylsen2Mutant Seabass6
Drow Priestess9Dungeon Initiate78
Dungeon Guard15Drow Mage3
Nether Beast1Sarcophagus1
Drow Elite3Guard3
Oak Cabinet2Canyon Raptor5
Rogue Swordsman2Large Rock41
Wall Crawler4Persuaded Follower7
Teptok Loyalist10Teptok Warrior1
Teptok1Demonic Slave17
Ice Sprite10Ghost Soldier18
Ghost Berserker1Lucifer1
Vampire Assassin1Vladamir1
Demonic Spellcaster1Lag Monster1
Guild Bartender4Lost Wisp5
Shrieker1Corrupt Demon1
Sabretooth Tiger2Mansion Owner14
Lone Zebra2Lion Cub1
Ravenous Seagull2Bile Zombie1
Giant Cinder Beast6Aquatic Tendril4
Pond Sprite4Gnoll Juvenile1
Guardian of Aet'Thol1Castle Door1
Crazed Zombie4Deranged Witch4
Undead Arm3Traumatized Ghost1
Crystal Giant1Ibis Statue3
Drow Rogue4Drow Mistress1
Drow Templar1Ghost2
Animated Bear Skin1Vampire3
Vampire Huntress1Evil Elf2
Drow Scholar1Evil Santa1
Mine Bandit1Barricade7
Black Orc8Cold Sprite5
Black Orc Cryomancer1Ice Wraith1
Albino Beetle533Bronze Hornet13
Aet'Thol1Black Scorpion1
Bobcat5Abandoned Golem18
Dryad1Undead Drow Necromancer1
Red Fox2Old Chest1
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Giant Hawk1
Mud Worm1Jungle Snapper1
Mystic Formation88Shrieking Spectre1

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