-- Arsenal's Profile --
ClassMale Human Legendary Slayer
Clanrk ţn Founder (!.-'-. HtD .-'-.!)
CommentChampion Brawler: That's a pansy's weapon! *throws it away* Now this is more up your street!
AIM NameA Champion Brawler just gave you a Soul Ripper. You are awarded 1 experience point for each point of damage your friends performed!
MSN NameYou have increased to level 40, and gained 29 hp. You attempted to smite a Maneater but failed and caused 2766 points of damage.
KOS List[Clan] Hero: We find you, We Kill you......... GO TEAM ANDY! ***Locke: Horc zerks are bad***
Monsters Killed163394
Players Killed228
Deaths by Players118
Total Game Time128 days, 11h14
Character Score10210
Overall Ranking16/1825
Class Ranking2/221
Last Logon06-08-2021 17:57:18
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake2488Skeleton107
Giant Rat557Asp888
Vines375Hydra Hatchling87
Giant Frog37Bunny146
Brown Bear1173Giant Mosquito Swarm43
Mutant Rat578Giant Leech1019
Demonic Soldier347Demonic Sergeant70
Demonic Captain8Black Bear975
Large Snake1116Table147
Scarab4150Totem Pole21
Arrowhead485Modern Art Sculpture6546
Owl1132Sentry Spider7
Mountain Lion245Mountain Goat144
Deer493Mud Monster2
Troll1835Hedge Minion883
Bandit652Hydra Head10
Giant Snapper Turtle493Badger476
Sand Spider1500Orc7418
Assassin Vine2Ankheg63
Elite Sentry Spider238Ogre148
Stone Door119Mummy20
Mayor Tvarti80Chair139
Granite Beast4760Cinder Beast1875
Mutant Beetle2388Bandit Leader23
Giant Crocodile27Giant Centipede14
Gnoll Archer505Gnoll Warrior52
Gnoll Guard169Skeleton Skull14
Herald of the Damned36Vampire Bat459
Dungeon Initiate74Spider122
Sand Viper226Seasonal Painting24
Gnoll Elite115Gardener378
Colossal Ant600Clay Golem193
Mountain Troll547Gnoll Slave17
Warthog9Rabid Chipmunk4
Gnoll Captain48Caterpillar20
Dark Gnome9Toad4
Dwarven Grenadier118Snotling214
Door20Silversail Defector610
Adel56Giant Cinder Beast81
Sabretooth Tiger5Dryad49
Goblin Scout103Antelope31
Snow Leopard10Bigfoot3
Skeletal Warrior98Rogue Swordsman15
Grizzly Bear69Treasure Chest14
Gnoll4Gnoll Watchman18
Braced Door37Scribe50
Starfish739Mutant Crab90736
Ravenous Seagull4473Ocean Shark81
Guard Spider80Old Hermit38
Suit of Armor449Tax Lord6
Sand Scorpion6Gnoll Juvenile5
Dead Scientist51Tree Frog15
Desert Snake21Time Guardian25
Time Mummy2Albino Beetle156
Mine Bandit40Praying Mantis2
Alligator25Bronze Hornet177
Black Scorpion9Time Knight5
Dungeon Guard20Pained Spirit876
Kobold19Worthless Grub12
Drow Archer48Drow Warrior79
Maneater235Canyon Raptor29
Giant Bat84Rattlesnake146
Drow Elite62Drow Archmage4
Drow Mage18Drider Scout3
Drow Corpse6Cyclops296
Ice Troll33Ibis Statue93
Anubis Statue3Three-eyed Jack4
Shrieker2Wall Crawler3
Spirit of King Durmeal3Persuaded Follower7
Teptok Loyalist52Steel Door22
Teptok Warrior13Lion Cub1
Baboon15Time Mage4
Banshee15Freshwater Golem2
Insect Pod10Titan Hornet22
Scarab Skeleton71Sarcophagus4
Plague Demon32Drow Champion32
Crystal Giant5Captain Wylsen13
Imperial Mummy24King Cobra10
Herric130Psychotic Elf49
Drow Blade Mage2Stingray3
Box Jellyfish16Snowy Owl3
Bolted Chest25Vulture5
Mutated Bear155Mad Scientist5
Black Knight15Ghast13
Giant Hawk3Hedge Lord13
Ethereal Shrine1Giant Cockroach10
Giant Sand Wurm1Castle Door51
Rudolph33Evil Elf126
Evil Santa29Dasher15
Black Orc72Cold Sprite49
Coal Golem7Predator Orc15
Pit Wraith23Balrog2
Pit Viper24Black Orc Pyromancer4
Mountain Ranger6Torturer71
Spirit of Olist194Gargoyle8
Plague Fiend1Hollow Man6
Flame Wraith3Mummified Priest6
Chaotic Mage4Dungeon Knight4
Mine Marauder10Mutant Seabass8
Withering Woman2Charging Soldier13
Abnormal Snake12Undead Minion14
Crazed Man2Choking Cretin7
Blind Giant Rat7Easter Treasure Chest1
Lost Soul3Blue Dragon6
Hornet Queen2Drow Priestess117
Drow Templar32Mana Root9
Atrium Monarch10Vein Golem5
Deinonychus60Mud Worm79
Shrieking Spectre86Twilight Treant89
Red Ant97Jungle Snapper35
Red Dragon6Ice Wraith18
Mystic Formation60Stampeding Elephant15
Sparkling Seam13Guardian Golem2
Black Orc Psychromancer1Water Wraith1
Demonic General1Tunneller1
Drow Rogue16Jaguar15
Nether Beast9Lunar Pedestal4
Drow Blademaiden28Winged Vampire30
Dust Devil9Black Paladin1
Mole Rat3Mummified Pharaoh3
Demonic Elf165Christmas Present6
Hornet Larva1Pious Hannah4
Dancing Sword2Possessed Dagger2
Animated Armor3Aet'Thol9
Imhotep2Plagued Spider17
Magimox229Crystal Formation33
Crystal Golem28Mining Foreman3
Dobermann5Mutant Maggot5
Mutant Leech1High Priestess Ku'Nal5
Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes14Possessed Plant2
Greater Werewolf23Skeletal Bunny6
Lesser Werewolf441Vampire27
Ghost21Werewolf Alpha4
Shadow Demon13Spideresque Shadowman19
Vampire Suppressor1Haunted Mail4
Animated Bear Skin6Haunted Portrait5
Two-way Mirror2Captured Bandit2
Orc Chieftain48Lyzanthir the Enchanter14
Nymph8Arcane Spire of the Soil2
Arcane Spire of the Flame1Arcane Spire of the Sky1
Evil Sprite1Cauldron4
Black Wight6Shadow Wraith2
Wolf Spider2Lingering Soul5
Silver Fox2Forest Bandit19
Earth Elemental2Widow Spider2
Magician Bandit1Bobcat21
Goblin Elder5Goblin Villager21
Goblin Healer10Ensorcelled Bow3
Lone Wildebeest1Zebra1
Red Fox10Lag Monster1
Dwarven Enchanter2Polar Bear3
Snow Fox28Snow Wight22
Skeletal Wight13Talaskan Digestor4
Pamola1Stone Fish2
Tundra Wolf7Wolf Lord1
Vampire Patriarch1Chief Bodyguard4
Talaskan Hunter14Stone Gargoyle11
Witch3Castle Sorcerer17
Tomb Spirit5Death Knight7
Werewolf3Frankenstein's Monster5
Halloween Spider1Jiangshi, Vampire Lord2
Veteran Gladiator2Giant Chameleon8
Large Rock1Locksmith2
Steel Safe3Drow Mistress2
Storage Cabinet2Abyssal Demon1
Black Orc Aeromancer2Stone Sentinel5
Marauder5Black Orc Hydromancer1
Crystal Minion4Arcane Spire of the Ocean1
Mana Heart2Priestess Alan'cul1

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