-- Assault's Profile --
ClassMale Half-Orc Grandmaster Class I Slayer
E-MailYou have increased to level 36, and gained 34 hp.
CommentYou attempted to smite Aet'Thol but failed and caused 959 points of damage.
AIM NameYYou attempted to smite a Mutant Beetle but failed and caused 1021 points of damage
MSN Name
KOS Listhttp://www.nightmist-online.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=40714
Monsters Killed35275
Players Killed3
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time33 days, 5h47
Character Score4477
Overall Ranking95/1825
Class Ranking17/221
Last Logon06-18-2021 11:11:16
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Tattered Thief2Goblin2
Thief2Lost Wisp2
Rugged Rogue1Giant Rat259
Mutant Rat203Cockroach93
Owl235Red Fox140
Black Bear997Giant Leech485
Mysterious Chest28Gnoll Juvenile2
Bobcat210Soldier Spirit1
Gnoll Warrior8995Skeleton85
Small Snake139Mole Rat5
Modern Art Sculpture314Table21
Mayor Tvarti46Orc162
Brown Bear1173Vampire Bat123
Sentry Spider2Crystal Formation4
Demonic Soldier284Drow348
Cinder Beast734Black Wight812
Troll60Hedge Minion153
Demonic Sergeant6Bandit216
Skeleton Skull6Gnoll Archer1849
Gnoll Guard87Wolf84
Large Snake10Arrowhead4
Giant Crocodile22Asp968
Mutant Beetle1830Granite Beast3482
Bandit Leader5Mountain Troll328
Antelope40Snow Leopard19
Goblin Scout98Sand Spider553
Gnoll Elite145Gnoll Watchman3
Plague Demon10Herric1
Elite Sentry Spider371Gnoll Slave5
Mutant Crab64Water Wraith1
Crystal Giant2Herald of the Damned1
Seasonal Painting14Shadow Wraith2
Wolf Spider203Guard Spider167
Spider King1Giant Centipede6
Mountain Goat2Mountain Lion5
Cyclops12Snowy Owl1
Minotaur6Stone Door8
Hedge Lord4Suit of Armor3
Gnoll Captain32Braced Door2
Ice Troll1Bolted Chest1
Kingfisher9Drow Champion4
Drow Archer6Maneater13
Snow Fox3Vines20
Old Hermit2Scorpion894
Ravenous Seagull2228Box Jellyfish2
Ocean Shark4Stingray2
Griffin996Giant Cockroach3
Captured Bandit1Chair20
Skeletal Warrior1Colossal Ant1639
Three-eyed Jack7Vulture32
Clay Golem338Mummy1
Great Eagle13Giant Cinder Beast11
Demonic Captain1Silversail Defector25
Captain Wylsen3Dwarven Grenadier13
Abyssal Demon2Zombie1
Rogue Swordsman4Goblin Villager8
Drow Warrior7Rattlesnake5
Alligator1Canyon Raptor2
Giant Bat4Kobold4
Drow Priestess14Drow Templar4
Bigfoot1Garden Spider5
Guardian of Aet'Thol10Treasure Chest14
Drider Scout1King Cobra2
Drow Elite5High Priestess Ku'Nal1
Evil Sprite8Harpy1
Pond Sprite2Aquatic Tendril2
Totem Pole1Dryad2
Drow Mage2Nether Beast1
Sand Scorpion168Dungeon Guard11
Worthless Grub7Teptok Loyalist7
Pained Spirit4Dungeon Initiate12
Sand Viper44Psychotic Elf1
Ghoul4Tree Frog1
Gorilla1Time Guardian3
Water Fairy15Giant Frog1
Steel Door3Shrieker1
Goblin Elder1Atrium Monarch3
Mine Bandit2Elven Barrow Wight7
Butterfly1Sparkling Seam1
Ice Wraith1Crystal Minion6
Crystal Sprite2Aet'Thol2
Dux1Flame Wraith1
Torturer2Lyzanthir the Enchanter1
Twilight Treant2Kitsune5
Albino Beetle1Lone Zebra1
Drow Blademaiden1Drow Rogue1
Drow Mistress1Priestess Alan'cul1
Black Knight1

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