-- Asteria's Profile --
ClassFemale Elf Archmaster Class III Sorceress
Clanߧ h Founder (CmЫ)
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed15172
Players Killed2
Deaths by Players1
Total Game Time13 days, 16h35
Character Score3145
Overall Ranking205/1918
Class Ranking20/239
Last Logon06-11-2022 05:02:36
Staff Comment(Stig on 02-08-2022) Banned for 3 days for constant threats and harassment towards an individual, in-game and out. And not sanitising their profile without being able to resist being a smart alec.

-- Monsters Killed --
Sentry Spider8Red Fox473
Owl1571Small Snake1019
Ogre1908Mysterious Chest12
Giant Rat16Black Bear2088
Bobcat1120Brown Bear1338
Skeleton Skull8Rugged Rogue1
Badger245Soldier Spirit3
Animated Sapling4Grass Snake2
Goblin Prisoner3Vampire Bat171
Large Snake622Orc39
Troll132Hedge Minion1577
Warthog396Water Fairy3
Granite Beast74Scorpion50
Sand Viper8Enchanted Sword36
Abyssal Demon44Wolf7
Widow Spider175Forest Bandit1002
Assassin Vine1Magician Bandit167
Gnoll Guard22Great Eagle6
Vulture6Sand Spider2
Colossal Ant38Asp59
Griffin16Giant Leech115
Giant Centipede13Demonic Soldier9
Drow96Elven Barrow Wight9
Giant Crocodile8Kingfisher1
Grizzly Bear47Giant Frog2
Mutant Rat74Cockroach10
Mourner1Mayor Tvarti2
Sabretooth Tiger1Three-eyed Jack1
Aquatic Tendril2Shrieker2
Gnoll Elite5Black Knight1
Captured Bandit1Evil Sprite1
Gnoll Archer7Gnoll Captain2
Gnoll Warrior1Magimox4
Crystal Golem1Pond Sprite2
Sprite1Mole Rat2
Jackalope1Dragon Hatchling1
Braced Door1Scribe1
Stone Door5Demilich2
Vines11Elite Sentry Spider20
Guard Spider4Cinder Beast11
Wolf Spider1Ice Troll16
Skeletal Wight2Lingering Soul1
Talaskan Digestor4Desert Snake1
Time Guardian2Drow Archer1
Rattlesnake2King Cobra1
Giant Bat1Alligator1
Polar Bear63Drow Warrior3

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