-- Azile's Profile --
ClassFemale Elf Grandmaster Class IV Priestess
Clanߧ h Founder (craig)
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed19699
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time17 days, 2h42
Character Score6932
Overall Ranking63/2010
Class Ranking8/317
Last Logon01-14-2024 19:38:58
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton Skull16Skeleton104
Ghost35Spirit of Ruh'guul1
Small Snake12Aglon the Scourge9
Mole Rat3Wounded Druid3
Ghoul685Mummified Slave2361
Skeletal Warrior2008Zombie260
Elven Barrow Wight4304Vampire Bat805
Owl6Gnoll Archer1
Elite Sentry Spider72Guard Spider39
Ogre32Scarab Skeleton375
Mummified Slave Leader16Granite Beast6
Spider King3Demonic Soldier3190
Demonic Sergeant8Brown Bear292
Pained Spirit69Vampire44
Tomb Spirit4Death Knight3
Frankenstein's Monster1Aet'Thol5
Ghast14Shrieking Spectre4
Jiangshi, Vampire Lord1Bronze Mummy1
Evil Spirit1Evil Deity1
Ganymede1Ibis Statue1
Imperial Mummy111Black Wight135
Orc35Necro Claus38
Revenant73Undead Drow Necromancer4
Bandit15Arovet the Infidel4
Garden Spider1Bobcat8
Dwarven Grenadier4Shadow Wraith1
Wolf Spider3Injured Eagle5
Kitsune122Koschei the Deathless9
Giant Bat5Silversail Defector1
Dust Devil3Black Bear380
Skeletal Wight106Snow Wight14
Lingering Soul17Ice Wraith30
Minotaur7Bolted Chest2
Vines1Giant Vampire Bat5
Lady Talaska3Pit Wraith661
Pit Viper1Pamola6
Large Snake5Ice Troll9
Valravn1Neonate Vampire37
Talaskan Digestor1Vampire Patriarch1
Troll6Mining Foreman1
Warthog1Unwilling Vampire17
Hedge Minion1Evil Sprite1
Abyssal Demon1Modern Art Sculpture825
Mummy7Mountain Lion1
Christmas Present60Polar Bear1939
Snow Fox4Grizzly Bear30
Water Fairy2Stone Fish13
Stone Door1Mummified Priest1
Abandoned Golem8Snake1
King Cobra1Rattlesnake1
Drow Warrior1Giant Rat3

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