-- Barisha's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Grandmaster Class I Slayer
Clanrk ţn Leader (Quinton)
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed44193
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time24 days, 9h57
Character Score4356
Overall Ranking100/1825
Class Ranking18/221
Last Logon05-12-2021 09:53:33
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Drunken Brawler1Lost Wisp1
Garden Spider3Small Snake704
Skeleton Skull2Black Bear2110
Mysterious Chest77Brown Bear910
Vines9Mutant Rat47
Cockroach21Demonic Soldier139
Orc635Large Snake166
Ogre66Hydra Hatchling1
Gnoll Guard125Gnoll Archer30834
Gnoll Warrior3441Gnoll Elite71
Giant Leech43Scarab367
Mine Bandit4Mountain Lion19
Albino Beetle4Modern Art Sculpture448
Mine Marauder2Granite Beast42
Skeleton21Sentry Spider1
Braced Door1Hedge Lord2
Sand Spider18Troll34
Mayor Tvarti2Arrowhead7
Giant Rat58Mountain Goat3
Vampire Bat11Silversail Defector13
Hedge Minion1091Lyzanthir the Enchanter1
Spider5Tree Frog1
Time Mummy1Bandit Leader5
Totem Pole2Suit of Armor4
Mole Rat1Griffin2
Lesser Werewolf5Greater Werewolf1
Ghoul2Cold Sprite15
Ice Troll9Skeletal Bunny11
Vampire15Ice Wraith8
Ghost2Demonic Sergeant16
Teptok Warrior1Torturer8
Gargoyle1Bronze Hornet3
Pit Viper1Giant Chameleon1
Elite Sentry Spider61Guard Spider7
Wolf Spider4Black Wight3
Demonic Captain2Demonic General2
Dwarven Grenadier6Revenant4
Mutant Beetle3Goblin Scout6
Bobcat23Red Fox1
Snow Wight11Skeletal Wight8
Snow Fox1Stone Door1
Cinder Beast5Colossal Ant2
Seasonal Painting1Unwilling Vampire10
Neonate Vampire11Starfish11
Ravenous Seagull1764Mutant Crab238
Atrium Monarch3Goblin Villager2
Tax Lord1Table1
Water Wraith1Ettin1
Rogue Swordsman1Crystal Giant1
Assassin Vine25Manticore1
Captain Wylsen1Drow10
Drow Archer3Maneater10
Drow Priestess6Psychotic Elf1
Drow Blademaiden1Badger2
Bolted Chest1Barricade1
Predator Orc6Black Orc Aeromancer3
Black Orc17Black Orc Pyromancer3
Coal Golem2Black Orc Cryomancer2
Guardian Golem2Black Orc Hydromancer1
Shadow Demon7Spideresque Shadowman3
Corrupt Demon2Crystal Sprite1
Jungle Snapper1Kitsune2
Sparkling Seam1Crystal Minion2
Titan Hornet1Hornet Queen1
Drow Elite4Drow Champion1
Rattlesnake1Drow Warrior5
Giant Bat1Alligator2
Aet'Thol1Drider Scout1
Nether Beast1Drow Rogue1
Drow Templar3Stone Sentinel1

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