-- Boo's Profile --
ClassMale Half-Orc Grandmaster Class II Slayer
Clanߧ h Founder (h@t )
E-MailYou have increased to level 35, and gained 36 hp.
AIM Name542HP lvl 30, 577HP lvl 31, 611HP lvl 32, 647HP lvl 33, 679HP lvl 34, 715HP lvl 35, 750HP lvl 36, 786HP lvl 37
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed17578
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time9 days, 13h36
Character Score5279
Overall Ranking88/1918
Class Ranking15/238
Last Logon06-25-2022 09:51:54
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Lost Wisp1Drunken Brawler1
Goblin2Garden Spider1
Small Snake54Animated Sapling4
Goblin Prisoner5Grass Snake3
Soldier Spirit2Mysterious Chest13
Sentry Spider140Bunny2
Gnoll Juvenile2Bobcat78
Owl24Red Fox19
Black Bear105Brown Bear101
Giant Spider10Elite Sentry Spider63
Large Snake6Enchanted Sword22
Vampire Bat20Elshira4
Skeleton8Gnoll Warrior84
Giant Leech4Giant Centipede1
Giant Crocodile1Gnoll Guard202
Gnoll Elite23Gnoll Archer109
Vines274Hydra Hatchling43
Hydra Head53Giant Mosquito Swarm89
Giant Snapper Turtle10Troll10000
Scarab11Mayor Tvarti4
Hydra Body1Maneater109
Drow Archer11Cockroach2
Mutant Rat3Giant Cockroach1
Seasonal Painting1Bandit149
Dragon Hatchling1Skeleton Skull3
Mole Rat3Ogre543
Rattlesnake4Demonic Soldier29
Demonic Sergeant7Demonic General2
Granite Beast14Totem Pole2
Suit of Armor8Tax Lord2
Starfish49Mutant Crab25
Ravenous Seagull1743Old Hermit1
Water Fairy1Deer1
Goblin Scout43Kingfisher2
Giant Frog1Giant Rat1
Asp36Cinder Beast35
Griffin31Colossal Ant3
Clay Golem2Mutant Beetle10
Gardener6Giant Vampire Bat120
Ice Troll2Skeletal Wight1697
Sand Spider1Snow Wight392
Snow Fox14Herald of the Damned8
Giant Bat13Canyon Raptor1
Black Wight9Shadow Wraith5
Lingering Soul1Demonic Captain1
Hedge Minion7Goblin Elder10
Goblin Villager6Gnoll Captain2
Gnoll1Gnoll Watchman5
Braced Door1Scribe1
Stone Door1Arrowhead2
Red Ant12Moon Spire1
Twilight Treant27Mystic Formation2
Red Dragon4Desert Snake8
Time Guardian6Time Knight3
Deinonychus11Atrium Monarch1
Dungeon Guard1Worthless Grub1
Pained Spirit1Kobold1
Teptok Loyalist4Teptok Warrior4
Torturer15Blue Dragon1
Pamola4Tundra Wolf4
Drow Priestess11Drow Elite3
Jungle Snapper11Kitsune27
Cave Racer18Cavern Imp7
Crazed Shikari1Three-eyed Jack1
Vulture12Mud Worm4
Lunar Pedestal3Snow Leopard2
Mountain Lion10Cyclops2
Bolted Chest1Sand Viper5
Plague Fiend1Flame Wraith1
Gargoyle2Great Eagle4
Bronze Hornet18Titan Hornet3
Insect Pod2Hornet Larva3
Giant Sand Wurm1Snake2
Bloom5Ocean Shark1
Box Jellyfish1Stingray1
Wolf Spider3Psychotic Elf1
Drow Blademaiden1Elven Barrow Wight131
Undead Drow Necromancer1Nether Beast2
Drow Templar3Mana Heart1
Chaotic Mage1Dungeon Knight1
Plagued Spider1Telatin1
Silversail Defector3Dwarven Grenadier1
Snotling1Bandit Leader2
Chief Bodyguard1Mountain Goat1
Mountain Ranger1Pit Viper171
Pit Wraith80

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