-- Bowser's Profile --
NameW = 1.75m
ClassMale Dwarf Grandmaster Class I Assassin
Clanrk ţn Founder (Greg)
CommentYou gave a Tall Thief: Orcsbane. Tall Thief: Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Black Hood. A Tall Thief just gave you a Guild Ring of the Black Hood.
AIM NameBlack Hood Crafter: Bring me a golden crate of insect wings, and another of beetle shells, and a handling fee in the form of a money order of one million gold. Understood?
MSN NameYou attempted to assassinate an Abandoned Golem but failed and caused 804 points of damage.
KOS ListYou attempted to assassinate an Abandoned Golem but failed and caused 666 points of damage.
Monsters Killed39799
Players Killed50
Deaths by Players16
Total Game Time46 days, 15h2
Character Score4711
Overall Ranking82/1825
Class Ranking9/224
Last Logon06-19-2021 16:46:08
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Vines912Giant Leech113
Giant Rat222Hydra Hatchling201
Giant Frog8Brown Bear785
Giant Mosquito Swarm35Mud Monster19
Hydra Head56Mutant Rat187
Giant Snapper Turtle4Goblin Scout50
Goblin Villager2Small Snake801
Modern Art Sculpture649Sentry Spider69
Black Bear759Ogre225
Granite Beast1303Sand Spider1166
Drow Archer11Maneater87
Gnoll Archer2483Bandit124
Stone Door34Ettin1217
Badger46Gnoll Slave47
Gnoll Elite99Mutant Crab1325
Dwarven Grenadier8Elite Sentry Spider597
Warthog5Gnoll Captain7
Demonic Soldier77Deer54
Vampire Bat5819Goblin Elder1
Mayor Tvarti17Drow911
Troll886Hedge Minion582
Lion Cub2Owl1726
Griffin209Large Snake252
Cinder Beast914Gardener138
Mutant Beetle788Gnoll Guard98
Steel Door187Master Thief1401
Braced Door31Thief Guard853
Clay Golem42Bunny165
Gnoll Warrior80Spider81
Sand Viper57Giant Crocodile3
Banker7Bandit Leader7
Skeletal Warrior5Silversail Defector36
Guard Spider123Snow Leopard21
Antelope46Mountain Troll264
Great Eagle47Cockroach65
Skeleton Skull14Gnoll Watchman11
Dead Scientist4Mutated Bear1
Drow Warrior19Giant Bat15
Drow Mage12Mountain Lion3
Giant Hawk1Drow Elite10
Rogue Swordsman2Alligator164
Seasonal Painting20Totem Pole7
Tax Lord3King Cobra4
Drow Archmage1Ice Troll4
Grizzly Bear67Snowy Owl2
Colossal Ant155Suit of Armor257
Arrowhead16Treasure Chest1
Drow Champion4Psychotic Elf2
Drow Priestess5Three-eyed Jack3
Vulture47Evil Sprite20
Harpy1Mole Rat5
Canyon Raptor3Atrium Monarch1
Demonic Sergeant4Storage Cabinet1
Sand Scorpion12Hedge Lord8
Scarab Skeleton12Herric1
Guild Bartender6Giant Sand Wurm2
Mountain Goat5Cyclops2
Water Wraith1Mummy9
Snake2Dungeon Initiate9
Worthless Grub1Pained Spirit35
Wall Crawler1Giant Centipede2
Starfish30Ravenous Seagull5
Toad3Lost Wisp3
Gnoll Juvenile4Giant Cinder Beast4
Teptok Warrior1Vein Golem1
Gargoyle1Giant Spider20
Mana Vein1Jaguar1
Plague Demon1Guard8
Old Chest6Blind Giant Rat3
Coal Seam223Barricade48
Albino Beetle30Priestess Alan'cul1
Drow Templar2High Priestess Ku'Nal1
Nether Beast1Yeti1
Demonic Elf2Donner1
Christmas Present1Ibis Statue6
Gristle4Crystal Giant3
Crystal Formation4Magimox111
Crystal Golem6Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1
Mine Bandit3Rockfall1
Coal Golem9Sparkling Seam574
Black Orc17Ice Wraith4
Predator Orc3Black Orc Aeromancer1
Cold Sprite5Black Orc Cryomancer1
Guardian Golem1Black Orc Hydromancer1
Bronze Hornet11Black Knight1
Twilight Treant8Shrieking Spectre6
Mystic Formation1Jungle Snapper5
Red Ant9Lunar Pedestal1
Silver Fox252Coral Caterpillar222
Forest Bandit94Lingering Soul3
Widow Spider5Earth Elemental2
Elm Wisp12Abandoned Golem498
Mansion Owner8Deinonychus2
Mud Worm2Bobcat57
Red Fox41Dryad9
Assassin Vine946Manticore14
Ankheg11Water Moccasin22
Mutant Water Spider8Orc Chieftain1
Snow Fox8Dire Boar3
Toucan2Giant Crayfish13
Crocodile8Writing Desk1
Sarcophagus9Dark Gnome1
Arcane Spire of the Soil2Arcane Spire of the Flame1
Arcane Spire of the Ocean4Water Snake1
Arcane Spire of the Sky2Large Rock19
Wolf Spider153Spider King1

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