-- Cat's Profile --
ClassMale Gnome Grandmaster Class IV Priest
Clanrk ţn Founder (!.-'-. HtD .-'-.!)
AIM Name
MSN NameYou cast Enhance on JLH to increase his strength temporarily.
KOS ListA Puppy attacked you with its Lick for 1 point of damage.
Monsters Killed41694
Players Killed3
Deaths by Players66
Total Game Time88 days, 18h54
Character Score11285
Overall Ranking13/1825
Class Ranking2/293
Last Logon06-09-2021 03:11:57
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Giant Rat369Demonic Soldier4511
Ghost624Spirit of Ruh'guul5
Mutant Rat304Vampire Bat5213
Giant Leech299Black Bear153
Ghast20Skeletal Giant Rat26
Hyena10Skeletal Imp105
Large Snake Zombie82Giant Spider Zombie52
Skeletal Orc62Wounded Druid1
Zombie146Small Snake340
Demonic Sergeant807Brown Bear279
Skeletal Bunny8Injured Eagle46
Demonic Captain411Bunny307
Spirit of Ariat35Giant Frog10
Hydra Hatchling3Ogre24
Elite Sentry Spider988Spider King34
Giant Mosquito Swarm2Gnoll Guard9
Scarab88Modern Art Sculpture4412
Orc46Granite Beast52
Demonic General3Aet'Thol3
Tomb Spirit136Table1
Large Snake18Skeletal Warrior29
Hedge Minion18Minotaur198
Mummy65Sentry Spider16
Skeleton Skull587Lifeless Soldier4
Badger32Rabid Chipmunk8
Guard Spider79Dwarven Grenadier2
Ravenous Seagull1Gardener1
Pained Spirit69Ibis Statue50
Scarab Skeleton51Arovet the Infidel11
Dungeon Initiate2Drow13
Mummified Slave38Lost Wisp15
Mole Rat253Spirit of Olist11
Dust Devil3Scribe8
Drow Warrior1Storage Cabinet1
Gnoll Juvenile8Albino Beetle3
Imperial Mummy7Evil Spirit16
Gnoll Captain2Crazed Zombie35
Deranged Witch8Deluded Ghast2
Traumatized Ghost6Hysterical Ghoul7
Undead Arm8Drow Priestess1
Stone Door10Demonic Elf1
Sprite1Blue Mummy4
Ganymede2Evil Deity2
Mummified Pharaoh3Bronze Mummy2
Mummified Slave Leader2Mountain Lion24
Banshee3Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes2
Bolted Chest11Wolf14
Cyclops50Gnoll Warrior1
Alligator1Mayor Tvarti3
Greater Werewolf4Vampire152
Lesser Werewolf49Animated Bear Skin1
Haunted Portrait1Werewolf Alpha1
Elven Barrow Wight1220Undead Drow Necromancer19
Starfish2Black Wight1454
Shadow Wraith57Braced Door1
Plague Demon2Bezerker2
Magimox4Crystal Formation1
Shrieking Spectre7Tiger1
Mountain Goat15Ice Troll1
Lingering Soul33Neonate Vampire43
Unwilling Vampire17Mining Foreman1
Vampire Patriarch4Hedge Lord1
Bobcat28Red Fox4
Goblin Scout1Winged Vampire2
Treasure Chest1Arrowhead5
Suit of Armor2Seasonal Painting2
Bandit Leader1Torturer21
Time Guardian1Time Mummy1
Crystal Giant1Spirit of King Durmeal2
Teptok Loyalist6Green Mummy1
Wolf Spider21Totem Pole1
Snow Fox6Skeletal Wight446
Snow Wight137Vulture2
Snowy Owl1Silversail Defector3
Mummified Priest21Three-eyed Jack2
Captain Wylsen2Door1
Maneater5Drow Archer2
King Cobra1Koschei the Deathless310
Giant Bat192Gold Mummy1
Necro Claus21Death Knight3
Stone Gargoyle2Witch1

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