-- Cervantes' Profile --
ClassMale Human Grandmaster Class III Templar
Clanrk ţn Founder (ߧ h)
Comment[Enemy] Leroy_Jenkins: Just raped a mountain goat..... on accident [Clan] Momba: Aids just slapped the fool out of you! I'm infected
AIM NameAn angelic ensemble sings to your melody as your Sword of Light strikes down Credenza for 61 points of damage., destroying it.
MSN NameYou attacked a Banshee with a Sword of Existence for 96 points of damage, releasing her tormented soul. You have increased to level 37, gained 22 hp and gained 22 mana points.
KOS ListYou attacked Lord Darksparrow with a Sword of Existence, but Lord Darksparrow's armor absorbed half the blow for 30 points of damage, killing it. Calculator: 255+259+191+237+204+176 = 1322
Monsters Killed43968
Players Killed5
Deaths by Players18
Total Game Time64 days, 14h0
Character Score6258
Overall Ranking49/1825
Class Ranking4/153
Last Logon06-12-2021 22:09:28
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Vampire Bat5729Giant Leech980
Giant Centipede6Troll377
Gnoll Warrior279Gnoll Guard555
Gnoll Archer1351Demonic Soldier5998
Mutant Maggot2Mutant Rat352
Giant Crocodile9Small Snake107
Lifeless Soldier2Magimox13
Sentry Spider221Giant Spider24
Elite Sentry Spider490Elshira2
Goblin Scout43Bandit350
Tomb Spirit33Skeletal Giant Rat2
Large Snake Zombie1Giant Rat363
Skeletal Imp4Sludge Tentacle65
Hyena2Mayor Tvarti58
Zanitos1Guard Spider50
Bunny39Crystal Formation2
Cinder Beast228Modern Art Sculpture1942
Demonic Sergeant906Demonic General10
Demonic Captain96Scarab580
Stone Door49Granite Beast624
Old Hermit1Dungeon Initiate40
Large Rock2Spirit of King Durmeal2
Teptok Loyalist6Black Bear299
Brown Bear409Asp180
Colossal Ant671Mutant Beetle364
Gardener135Injured Eagle6
Scorpion83Sand Scorpion55
Mummy30Gnoll Elite104
Ogre134Hedge Minion1065
Giant Cinder Beast8Adel2
Large Snake31Owl42
Grizzly Bear5Kingfisher1
Time Knight1Chair75
Sand Spider285Drow Archer11
Ingash the Horrific1Seasonal Painting9
Anaconda2Mountain Lion47
Mountain Ranger1Giant Bat41
Blitzen1Animatronic Soldier1
Evil Elf4Barrow Wight1
Dead Scientist2Bezerker33
Ghoul266Lieutenant Burton28
Black Knight184Blackguard Jouster27
Cockroach77Skeleton Skull8
Ethereal Shrine1Badger11
Albino Beetle325Hedge Lord2
Mummified Slave1045Skeletal Warrior73
Scarab Skeleton358Bandit Leader23
Suit of Armor280Tax Lord8
Banshee3Evil Spirit12
Blackguard Burton4Sandstone Block12
Lord Darksparrow1Arrowhead318
Mountain Troll595Griffin226
Mountain Goat5Dwarven Grenadier8
Silversail Defector8Cyclops69
Psychotic Elf9Drow Blademaiden6
Antelope58Mole Rat4
Drow Rogue10Drow Warrior16
Drow Mistress2Drow Priestess30
Drow Templar12Drow Elite13
Braced Door56Scribe42
Zombie59Spider King2
Death Knight26Elemental2240
Mine Bandit22Black Paladin68
Blackguard26Mummified Slave Leader6
Ibis Statue21Blue Mummy2
Gnoll Captain23Plague Demon18
Clay Golem4Wolf65
Gnoll Watchman9Shrieker8
Vulture40Evil Sprite11
Cauldron4Giant Cockroach2
Great Eagle6Elven Barrow Wight2927
Ice Wraith8Mutated Bear185
Lost Wisp3Garden Spider1
Sabretooth Tiger3Undead Drow Necromancer18
Bigfoot2Teptok Warrior2
Lost Soul1Torturer3
Totem Pole12Snow Leopard31
Cave Racer7Cavern Imp10
Starfish1Bronze Hornet66
Praying Mantis5Alligator3
Ice Troll17Yeti3
Piranha1Shadow Wraith17
Aet'Thol1Black Wight321
Forest Bandit292Silver Fox16
Lingering Soul112Coral Caterpillar40
Elm Wisp6Widow Spider1
Gnoll Juvenile1Bee Hive4
Earth Elemental5Bloom14
Wolf Spider19Vampire76
Neonate Vampire115Revenant83
Unwilling Vampire98Vampire Patriarch5
Rogue Swordsman1Ghast28
Gravestone3Goblin Elder1
Goblin Villager1Abandoned Golem2
Pit Viper1Captured Bandit4
Steel Door7Dust Devil23
Bobcat20Red Fox6
Stone Gargoyle2Bronze Mummy2
Evil Deity2Giant Sand Wurm1
Winged Vampire2Herric3
Water Wraith12Snowy Owl6
Bolted Chest5Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1
Warthog2Snow Fox23
Skeletal Wight140Snow Wight453
Tundra Wolf13Tiger2
Desert Snake2Time Guardian1
Mine Marauder2Caterpillar1
Twilight Treant3Shrieking Spectre5
Red Ant1Red Mummy1
Talaskan Hunter1Talaskan Digestor3
Gnoll Slave8Mutant Crab4
Captain Wylsen1Mud Worm1
Time Mage1Dungeon Guard12
Worthless Grub13Pained Spirit859
Kobold1Corrupt Demon15
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Atrium Monarch2
Sand Viper6Canyon Raptor1
Drider Scout1Dobermann9
Rottweiler2Drow Mage8
Nether Beast7Mana Vein10
Mana Root8Credenza6
Giant Hawk1Gargoyle1
Rabid Chipmunk1Mummified Priest1
Wolf Lord1Black Orc2
Shadow Demon7Spideresque Shadowman3
Crystal Sprite2Sparkling Seam3
Crystal Minion2Drow Champion1
Drow Scholar1Priestess Alan'cul1
Abyssal Demon2Necro Claus1
Crystal Guardian1

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