-- Chaos' Profile --
ClassMale Gnome Legendary Sorcerer
Clanrk ţn Chairman (!.-'-. HtD .-'-.!)
CommentCH room- 2,740,000
AIM NameYou have increased to level 40, gained 16 hp and gained 28 mana points.
MSN Name09-23-2014 23:41:47, Oracle: Congratulations to Chaos for becoming the first Legendary Sorcerer in Nightmist!
KOS List[Clan] Payne: after all that we will leave them dead, broke and humiliated, walking back to there CH in nothing but there undies if lucky
Monsters Killed133581
Players Killed103
Deaths by Players20
Total Game Time187 days, 7h0
Character Score10134
Overall Ranking21/2010
Class Ranking6/248
Last Logon09-29-2023 20:34:21
Staff Comment(Oracle on 10-13-2014) {333333{Fi{444444{r{555555{st L{666666{eg{777777{end{888888{ar{aaaaaa{y So{cccccc{rc{ffffff{erer{fccc00{ i{ff9900{n {ff6600{Ni{ff3300{gh{bb0000{tmi{990000{st!!!

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake2942Cockroach261
Skeleton Skull54Black Bear5047
Brown Bear2565Troll6922
Orc5621Large Snake901
Owl829Granite Beast1758
Sand Viper1150Scorpion4297
Sand Spider422Ogre15413
Hedge Minion40276Gardener179
Bandit305Mutant Rat1043
Giant Rat590Cinder Beast270
Colossal Ant18Skeletal Warrior3
Asp225Clay Golem5
Table2234Mayor Tvarti5
Gnoll Guard136Giant Leech2116
Caterpillar8Goblin Scout114
Elite Sentry Spider2447Scarab18
Ravenous Seagull26Gnoll Archer16
Gnoll Captain3Braced Door1
Scribe3Dwarven Grenadier25
Giant Cinder Beast73Stone Door52
Lifeless Soldier1Gnoll Slave18
Gnoll Elite15Mutant Crab14
Mountain Troll5Wolf1354
Silversail Defector17Hedge Lord1
Garden Spider1Great Eagle7
Giant Cockroach5Ettin22
Door26Modern Art Sculpture22
Demonic Soldier61Demonic Sergeant17
Demonic Captain3Drow16
Griffin7Orc Chieftain18
Alligator311Mutant Beetle23
Bunny24Desert Snake127
Guard Spider135Drow Archer2
Evil Sprite5Giant Frog2
Water Fairy30Demonic Elf1
Mole Rat19Gnoll Juvenile7
Sentry Spider8Magimox4
Crystal Golem1Crystal Formation14
Badger90Bronze Hornet750
Lesser Werewolf2Dryad10198
Dark Gnome12Maneater5
Rattlesnake3Giant Bat18
Drow Warrior1Nymph33
Giant Crocodile17Giant Centipede9
Elven Barrow Wight10Gnoll Warrior5
Mountain Goat36Cyclops36
Snotling3Mountain Lion60
Pit Wraith4Giant Chameleon6
Vampire Bat25Bezerker1
Minotaur17Ice Troll6
Bandit Leader2Pit Viper13
Drow Blademaiden1Cauldron1
Wolf Spider92Atrium Monarch2
Black Wight40Shadow Wraith3
Sand Scorpion1Seasonal Painting1
Freshwater Golem2Aquatic Tendril4
Pond Sprite4Captured Bandit1
Black Knight5Demonic General1
Killer Bee12Forest Bandit12040
Coral Caterpillar2Bee Hive2
Lingering Soul88Abandoned Golem37
Earth Elemental29Jackalope4
Giant Snapper Turtle2Magician Bandit2376
Guardian5Silver Fox73
Condor13Widow Spider390
Snake1Dungeon Initiate27
Dungeon Guard6Worthless Grub6
Kobold1Steel Door2
Pained Spirit1Spirit of King Durmeal1
Revenant55Neonate Vampire1
Cave Racer3Cavern Imp1
Lost Wisp1Ghost25
Gravestone15Snowy Owl1
Writing Desk1Locksmith1
Water Wraith1Captain Wylsen2
Harpy1Giant Sand Wurm4
Time Guardian118Vampire Patriarch1
Canyon Raptor1Bobcat261
Red Fox68Valravn544
Elm Wisp1Lone Zebra2
Goblin Elder1Titan Hornet1
Snow Fox4Snow Wight20
Tundra Wolf1Skeletal Wight22
Stirge1Assassin Vine8
Manticore1Dire Boar1
Krenshar1Grizzly Bear1
Antelope1Talaskan Digestor26
Talaskan Hunter31Stone Fish26
Kitsune65Ice Wraith1
Wolf Lord1Deer2
Death Knight1Time Knight9
Stone Gargoyle4Werewolf2
Mountain Ranger2Black Orc1
Unwilling Vampire1Albino Beetle1
Abyssal Demon21Twilight Treant3
Deinonychus1Jungle Snapper1
Shrieking Spectre1Lunar Pedestal1
Lady Talaska2Black Scorpion1

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