-- Corinne's Profile --
ClassFemale Dwarf Grandmaster Class IV Knight
Clanrk ţn Leader (Sarah)
E-MailFirst Character with 9 Stamina! :)
CommentYou have increased to level 37, and gained 27 hp. You have increased to level 38, and gained 24 hp.
AIM NameYou have increased to level 39, and gained 27 hp.
MSN Namehttp://dark-alliance.forumotion.com/t1-crafting-leveling-system
KOS List ^^^1-alt Leveling System Information and Maps^^^
Monsters Killed215730
Players Killed6
Deaths by Players16
Total Game Time83 days, 20h16
Character Score12155
Overall Ranking12/1825
Class Ranking1/322
Last Logon10-21-2017 08:26:14
Staff Comment(Derlok on 02-15-2013) {ff00ff{F{ff33ff{i{ff66ff{r{ff99ff{s{ffccff{t {ffffff{L{ccffff{e{99ffff{v{66ffff{e{33ffff{l {66ffff{3{99ffff{9 {ccffff{K{ffffff{n{ffccff{i{ff99ff{g{ff66ff{h{ff33ff{t{ff00ff{!

-- Monsters Killed --
Drunken Brawler1Tattered Thief1
Giant Rat1180Mutant Rat517
Bunny876Sentry Spider10
Small Snake1211Black Bear3671
Demonic Soldier883Brown Bear2533
Orc233Granite Beast1524
Vampire Bat160905Ethereal Shrine3
Kyriarchian Zealot87Kyriarchian Magician27
Giant Spider39Large Snake209
Rabid Chipmunk3Elite Sentry Spider116
Gnoll Guard590Gnoll Archer5562
Gnoll Elite129Demonic Sergeant158
Demonic Captain33Giant Leech1837
Sand Spider621Mayor Tvarti33
Giant Crocodile4Giant Centipede5
Bandit1330Gnoll Warrior130
Modern Art Sculpture2611Scarab1189
Skeletal Warrior306Clay Golem340
Asp426Colossal Ant1522
Owl885Grizzly Bear30
Kyriarchian Prophet12Griffin1187
Guard Spider6Cinder Beast1230
Gardener220Mutant Beetle1215
Giant Cinder Beast10Arrowhead110
Totem Pole5Suit of Armor417
Tax Lord6Nymph234
Pond Sprite11Aquatic Tendril7
Freshwater Golem18Stone Door12
Silversail Defector115Dwarven Grenadier82
Hedge Minion1045Cockroach359
Sand Viper21Mine Bandit17
Albino Beetle11Gnoll Captain12
Braced Door10Scribe13
Gnoll4Gnoll Watchman43
Scarab Skeleton11Ettin40
Bronze Hornet3Seasonal Painting9
Dungeon Initiate108Dungeon Guard8
Worthless Grub5Cyclops29
Banshee3Captain Wylsen2
Bandit Leader21Sprite50
Baboon1Tree Frog4
Tiger2Desert Snake4
Black Scorpion1Anaconda3
Time Guardian3Time Mage1
Sand Scorpion17Skeleton9414
Gnoll Juvenile68Skeleton Skull207
Mole Rat76Badger70
Lost Wisp22Goblin Scout35
Mountain Troll410Snow Leopard30
Bloom4Steel Door10
Teptok Loyalist35Torturer16
Teptok Warrior33Lost Soul1
Dungeon Knight1Hedge Lord24
Vulture154Evil Sprite55
Great Eagle63Starfish41
Mutant Crab660Ravenous Seagull2107
Guruk the Ugly12Harpy1
Charging Soldier7Undead Minion4
Blind Giant Rat11Qu'Lork1
Easter Treasure Chest1Abnormal Snake2
Choking Cretin1Ghoul4
Giant Bat22Drow Mage1
Dux1Chaotic Mage1
Telatin1Blue Dragon1
Jungle Snapper4Mystic Formation2
Red Ant11Shrieking Spectre8
Stampeding Elephant2Deinonychus6
Mud Worm7Twilight Treant8
Giant Cockroach3Giant Sand Wurm1
Mine Marauder5Adel13
Ice Wraith5Cold Sprite2
Black Orc5Black Orc Psychromancer2
Black Orc Aeromancer1Black Orc Pyromancer1
Predator Orc1Coal Golem1
Barricade1Demonic General6
Plague Demon2Bezerker13
Drow Elite6Canyon Raptor8
Drow Warrior8Alligator4
Crystal Giant5Drow Archer4
King Cobra4Mountain Lion14
Minotaur10Wall Crawler11
Pained Spirit3Spirit of King Durmeal2
Corrupt Demon6Kingfisher1
Box Jellyfish1Dancing Sword5
Ensorcelled Bow4Dwarven Enchanter3
Animated Armor6Spirit of Olist1
Mana Vein1Mountain Goat8
Cauldron3Treasure Chest2
Wolf12Drow Priestess1
Drow Templar1High Priestess Ku'Nal1
Herric1Drow Champion3
Drow Blademaiden2Crazed Zombie8
Hysterical Ghoul3Deranged Witch4
Undead Arm4Deluded Ghast1
Ice Troll7Bolted Chest4
Demonic Elf17Castle Door1
Psychotic Elf4Caterpillar2
Possessed Dagger7Flying Hammer4
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Profane Dianna1
Enchanted Sword1Mountain Ranger1
Ibis Statue19Imperial Mummy10
Mummified Priest4Anubis Statue3
Mutated Bear23Three-eyed Jack1
Garden Spider1Imhotep1
Snowy Owl2Magimox420
Crystal Golem6Crystal Formation21
Ghost2Goblin Villager2
Forest Bandit87Earth Elemental10
Lingering Soul10Coral Caterpillar1
Red Fox4

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