-- Crane's Profile --
ClassMale Human Grandmaster Class I Templar
ClanNovice Founder (Yin & Yang)
E-MailA Forest Hermit just gave you a Dragon Crest.
CommentThe Dragon Scroll has been added to your spell book.
AIM NameThe Paladin - with one hand killing, the other healing, good and evil in a true balance, but good cannot exist without evil, and for one to destroy the other, it destroys itself as well.
MSN NameNov 11th 2021 - 1454: You have increased to level 36, gained 18 hp and gained 22 mana points.
KOS ListYou healed Pamola for 61 points of damage. defeating it. | A Lingering Soul dropped a Spirit Essence. * 2
Monsters Killed59791
Players Killed
Deaths by Players4
Total Game Time52 days, 22h56
Character Score5159
Overall Ranking92/1914
Class Ranking6/166
Last Logon05-28-2022 17:35:22
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Drunken Brawler9Rugged Rogue10
Garden Spider15Giant Rat3452
Mutant Rat2538Tattered Thief7
Ghost427Small Snake5687
Large Snake198Ghoul201
Ghast41Black Bear5180
Wounded Druid8Giant Spider Zombie22
Skeleton5662Skeletal Imp56
Large Snake Zombie15Asp217
Griffin301Giant Leech3197
Crystal Formation392Giant Spider514
Sentry Spider721Elshira10
Sludge Tentacle78Bunny319
Skeletal Warrior46Zanitos8
Mutant Maggot1Spirit of Ruh'guul1
Vampire Bat4085Skeletal Giant Rat32
Sludge Tendril9Hyena32
Druid of Barrier Forest1Skeletal Orc9
Colossal Ant209Zombie121
Clay Golem51Elite Sentry Spider244
Guard Spider63Ogre130
Gnoll Warrior292Brown Bear2482
Rabid Chipmunk69Troll173
Hedge Minion58Giant Centipede6
Vines29Giant Mosquito Swarm9
Hydra Hatchling3Modern Art Sculpture671
Giant Crocodile8Spider170
Granite Beast598Gnoll Guard126
Gnoll Elite183Gnoll Archer153
Gnoll Slave109Ettin111
Badger392Cinder Beast132
Mutant Beetle177Deer31
Sand Scorpion13Scorpion55
Bloom33Dire Boar2
Assassin Vine14Ankheg2
Giant Frog13Toad9
Scarab161Spirit of Ariat3
Mayor Tvarti7Water Fairy4
Giant Snapper Turtle1Mud Monster1
Demonic Soldier1097Sand Spider65
Owl2003Grizzly Bear15
Stone Door12Suit of Armor107
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Arrowhead6
Demonic Sergeant538Spider King3
Injured Eagle4Baboon1
Demonic General3Wolf48
Mountain Lion11Pumpkin1
Ghost of Freek3Ghost of Superbeast2
Ghost of Gaara1Ghost of Malhavoc2
Ghost of Vietgnome2Ghost of God_of_Death1
Ghost of PureMourning1Ghost of Kertenx2
Ghost of Corinne1Ghost of Nepharious Malhavoc1
Ghost of Soporette1Ghost of Pwn_Nub1
Ghost of Undertow1Mountain Goat33
Barrow Wight4Cockroach1387
Skeleton Skull1533Mole Rat513
Goblin Scout24Gargoyle3
Vulture175Evil Sprite128
Great Eagle37Antelope45
Mountain Troll75Kingfisher15
Ghost Soldier1Ghost Berserker1
Canyon Raptor1Nymph2
Bandit Leader2Totem Pole2
Guard Dogs1Lost Wisp650
Dasher3Castle Door7
Evil Elf9Tomb Spirit22
Black Paladin14Death Knight10
Portcullis7Black Knight13
Blackguard Chef11Blackguard5
Gnoll Juvenile436Caterpillar62
Gnoll Watchman11Ethereal Shrine4
Mysterious Chest223Giant Cockroach5
Comet1Albino Beetle27
Minotaur4Coal Seam112
Mine Bandit13Cyclops7
Bolted Chest2Drow Elite3
Dwarven Grenadier3Dungeon Guard2
Pained Spirit65Spirit of King Durmeal1
Persuaded Follower2Kobold2
Teptok Loyalist6Mine Marauder2
Snotling12Freshwater Golem4
Pond Sprite9Aquatic Tendril1
Predator Orc11Sparkling Seam13
Coal Golem5Black Orc19
Cold Sprite4Blind Giant Rat1
Mud Worm30Deinonychus40
Jungle Snapper26Shrieking Spectre53
Red Ant39Twilight Treant25
Stampeding Elephant7Ice Troll99
Demonic Elf3Donner1
Tax Lord1Snow Leopard23
Lesser Werewolf13Skeletal Bunny22
Greater Werewolf6Grasping Vines1
Possessed Plant1Vampire31
Demonic Captain16Giant Bat8
Mystic Formation17Mummified Pharaoh1
Imperial Mummy64Evil Spirit15
Snowy Owl3Scarab Skeleton161
Mummified Slave86Sprite2
Shadow Wraith6Barricade7
Black Wight132Wolf Spider32
Magimox142Crystal Golem12
Aet'Thol2Ibis Statue29
Elven Barrow Wight881Undead Drow Necromancer19
Lunar Pedestal1Shrieker6
Captured Bandit1Anaconda3
Gorilla3Desert Snake3
Drow Champion2Lioness2
Neonate Vampire13Vampire Patriarch3
Steel Door6Braced Door9
Blackguard Smithy3Blackguard Jouster8
Red Fox579Bobcat1763
Skeletal Wight77Snow Wight507
Lingering Soul160Snow Fox54
Tundra Wolf8Sand Viper9
Lieutenant Burton5Blackguard Burton2
Necro Claus2Ice Wraith11
Spideresque Shadowman23Shadow Demon23
Black Orc Pyromancer2Black Orc Aeromancer1
Widow Spider1Black Orc Cryomancer1
Guardian Golem1Black Orc Hydromancer2
Crystal Minion7Crystal Sprite4
Drow Priestess3Starfish94
Ravenous Seagull1175Mutant Crab22
King Cobra2Drow Warrior1
Drow Templar1Nether Beast1
Shadow Master1Soul Demon4
Torturer15Crystal Guardian1
Goblin Elder2Goblin Villager14
Tiger1Black Scorpion3
Arcane Spire of the Flame1Marauder2
Time Knight2Time Guardian5
Veteran Gladiator2Sheep28
Frankenstein's Monster4Castle Sorcerer7
Jiangshi, Vampire Lord1Halloween Spider2
Yeti4Corrupt Demon2
Talaskan Hunter4Polar Bear15
Storage Cabinet1Abyssal Demon7
Rogue Swordsman1Captain Wylsen1
Harpy1Mummified Slave Leader6
Unwilling Vampire8Mutant Seabass3
Atrium Monarch1Giant Cinder Beast2
Blue Mummy1Evil Deity1
Ganymede2Hedge Lord1
Giant Vampire Bat287Lost Soul2
Chaotic Mage1Giant Sand Wurm2
Dungeon Initiate1Vein Golem1
Tree Frog3Guardian of Aet'Thol1
Teptok Warrior2Waldren1
Plagued Spider1Silversail Defector5
Time Mage1Moon Shrine1
Dust Devil8Winged Vampire1
Orc Chieftain1Piranha1
Cave Racer1Cavern Imp2
Crystal Giant1Seasonal Painting1
Praying Mantis1Wolverine3
Cauldron1Goblin Healer1

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