-- Cronus' Profile --
ClassMale Human Grandmaster Class I Templar
ClanPandemonium (-->B<--)
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed60978
Players Killed7
Deaths by Players62
Total Game Time71 days, 22h36
Character Score4531
Overall Ranking93/1825
Class Ranking6/153
Last Logon04-12-2014 16:51:19
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton11925Skeletal Imp64
Skeletal Giant Rat7Giant Rat415
Wounded Druid7Skeletal Orc56
Large Snake Zombie18Giant Spider Zombie24
Demonic Soldier4608Vines201
Giant Mosquito Swarm30Small Snake807
Brown Bear2496Hyena1
Vampire Bat16418Zombie85
Hydra Hatchling7Black Bear4380
Granite Beast1303Dungeon Initiate75
Dungeon Guard16Pained Spirit40
Skeletal Bunny15Stone Gargoyle5
Demonic Sergeant269Giant Leech423
Badger100Grasping Vines3
Mutant Rat509Ghost3
Troll305Tomb Spirit218
Hydra Head23Owl944
Assassin Vine6Ankheg2
Ogre155Mud Monster1
Vulture57Evil Sprite36
Gnoll Guard58Gnoll Archer723
Mountain Goat6Kingfisher2
Large Snake128Gnoll Elite44
Bloom3Mutant Water Spider1
Crocodile1Water Moccasin1
Modern Art Sculpture2306Gnoll Warrior49
Goblin Scout146Mountain Lion21
Dryad1Hedge Minion783
Grizzly Bear23Giant Crocodile2
Lion27Mayor Tvarti25
Elite Sentry Spider155Guard Spider31
Sand Spider86Drow749
Spirit of Olist15Bandit107
Arrowhead27Totem Pole4
Ettin4Treasure Chest2
Stone Door11Demonic Captain129
Lioness66Drow Elite5
Drow Warrior14Drow Archer20
Bunny138Cinder Beast222
Mutant Beetle408Sentry Spider6
Worthless Grub13Persuaded Follower2
Spirit of King Durmeal15Herald of the Damned4
Scorpion33Dwarven Grenadier26
Seasonal Painting6Skeleton Skull54
Cockroach125Black Paladin29
Steel Door9Suit of Armor179
Skeletal Warrior30Lieutenant Burton28
Giant Bat45Blackguard Chef7
Blackguard29Death Knight18
Clay Golem13Antelope33
Bigfoot3Colossal Ant1117
Wall Crawler3Bandit Leader7
Mole Rat31Nymph20
Rabid Chipmunk3Sprite9
Lost Wisp478Mountain Troll401
Snow Leopard35Gnoll Slave8
Caterpillar13Gnoll Watchman60
Dead Scientist2Bezerker10
Mourner1Snowy Owl3
Goblin Elder1Tax Lord4
Giant Centipede3Cyclops27
Hedge Lord3Portcullis4
Sand Viper7Lion Cub2
Ravenous Seagull772Starfish16
Great Eagle27Scarab Skeleton72
Ibis Statue31Mummified Pharaoh2
Sand Scorpion2Mummified Slave43
Mummified Slave Leader8Imperial Mummy7
Spider King1Braced Door12
Blackguard Burton7Evil Spirit13
Credenza3Mana Vein1
Mana Root2Nether Beast2
Drow Mage1Drow Rogue1
Drow Mistress1Psychotic Elf1
Drow Templar3Ghast1
Drow Priestess2Kobold4
Crystal Formation1Herric4
Sabretooth Tiger2Giant Cinder Beast5
Mysterious Chest1Mine Bandit3
Mine Marauder3Silversail Defector16
Rogue Swordsman3Hornet Queen1
Bronze Hornet4Choking Cretin8
Undead Minion3Crazed Man2
Charging Soldier4Abnormal Snake2
Drow Champion2Captain Wylsen1
Teptok Loyalist20Torturer7
Plagued Spider1Water Wraith1
Demonic General2Tortured Mummy1
Banshee1Gnoll Juvenile45
Giant Spider1Deinonychus5
Lunar Pedestal1Red Ant8
Twilight Treant7Mud Worm7
Shrieking Spectre8Albino Beetle1
Scribe6Plague Demon3
Mountain Ranger1Pit Wraith2
Pit Viper2Ice Troll1
Crystal Giant1Shrieker2
Gnoll Captain2Corrupt Demon6
Teptok Warrior25Garden Spider1
Guardian of Aet'Thol1Jungle Snapper7
Bolted Chest1Atrium Monarch1
Barrel12Black Knight33
Giant Cockroach2Blackguard Jouster24
Sandstone Block10Lord Darksparrow3
Storage Cabinet1Horse1
Piranha1Freshwater Golem1
Deranged Witch1Cauldron1
Demonic Elf48Mutant Crab539
Three-eyed Jack2Bronze Mummy2
Gold Mummy3Mummified Priest1
Injured Eagle3Adel1
Red Mummy1Green Mummy1
Evil Deity2Marauder1
Time Guardian1Elemental448
Mystic Formation3Stampeding Elephant1
Magimox109Crystal Golem6
Titan Hornet1

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