-- Devotchka's Profile --
ClassFemale Halfling Legendary Assassin
ClanPandemonium Chairwoman (Clan Noob)
Comment1st Grandmaster etc.You just bought a Cobalt Staff of the Winds.1st ingame.Derlok: Congratulations to Devotchka for achieving 8 stamina points! Surely she'll be clicking everyone now!?
AIM NameEarned it all myself lvl 1-40 w0ot! Pandilex: Congratulations go to Devotchka for completing the arduous journey to level 39!
MSN Name [Friend] Lethal_Dose: should read cute & malicious [Friend] Incognito: you're cute and devious [Friend] Sublime: your about as innocent as a rapist in a jason mask Pandilex: i love turnips
KOS List[Friend] Orca: 1 manda, 1 rape kit and 1 victim
Monsters Killed134264
Players Killed578
Deaths by Players57
Total Game Time274 days, 20h25
Character Score19172
Overall Ranking6/1825
Class Ranking1/224
Last Logon11-07-2016 22:08:54
Staff Comment(Derlok on 01-18-2010) First player to reach Legendary status! Level 40 is a huge achievement, well done.

-- Monsters Killed --
Thief310Small Snake6243
Rugged Rogue136Goblin2
Drunken Brawler169Tattered Thief38
Black Bear5142Giant Rat2418
Skeleton358Giant Leech955
Giant Centipede8Mutant Rat1611
Brown Bear4023Vines496
Hydra Hatchling89Giant Frog1064
Giant Mosquito Swarm55Asp453
Colossal Ant61Clay Golem46
Master Trainer21Thief Guard16816
Burly Bartender34Braced Door2765
Large Snake763Orc2677
Giant Snapper Turtle5Granite Beast1584
Guard Dogs15Rel-thon4
Rel-thon's Chest1Ogre647
Steel Door3147Master Thief43903
Giant Crocodile3Mansion Owner184
Guard3Old Chest2
Mud Monster7Bandit329
Gnoll Captain29Gnoll Guard217
Gnoll Archer232Gnoll Warrior122
Gnoll Elite130Cauldron4
Elite Sentry Spider430Guard Spider238
Hydra Head21Guild Bartender75
Gardener915Cinder Beast4369
Hydra Body1Scarab2983
Water Fairy955Mutant Beetle2555
Mountain Lion53Pit Viper7
Troll1525Demonic Soldier195
Badger69Demonic Sergeant46
Sentry Spider604Crystal Formation10
Giant Spider46Elshira6
Modern Art Sculpture5197Baboon33
Toucan48Tree Frog11
Anaconda48Desert Snake78
Owl144Giant Cinder Beast50
Sand Spider425Scorpion248
Ettin160Mountain Goat43
Giant Bat173Rabid Chipmunk9
Seasonal Painting39Suit of Armor157
Sarcophagus4Grasping Vines3
Dungeon Initiate150Worthless Grub31
Shrieker30Teptok Loyalist61
Dungeon Guard31Crystal Giant11
Marauder189Mayor Tvarti112
Drow Warrior138Canyon Raptor42
Alligator29Drow Mage13
Grizzly Bear101Maneater119
Hedge Minion848Skeletal Warrior12
Goblin Scout193Spirit of King Durmeal8
Vampire Bat1104Chief Nal'vor1
Goblin Villager38Guardian2
Mountain Troll59Hedge Lord16
Giant Sand Wurm13Scarab Skeleton86
Lyzanthir the Enchanter2Dwarven Grenadier62
Sand Scorpion32Bigfoot11
Bandit Leader23Orc Chieftain6
Antelope128Ghost of Freek1
Ghost of Superbeast2Ghost of Vietgnome3
Ghost of Corinne3Ghost of Undertow3
Ghost of Soporette1Ghost of Nepharious Malhavoc1
Ghost of PureMourning1Ghost of Memphis2
Ghost of God_of_Death1Ghost of Malhavoc1
Ghost of Gaara1Ghost of Pwn_Nub2
Ghost of Hollow2Ghost of Devotchka2
Ghost of Masta1Ghost of Solstice3
Ghost of Lethal_Dose3Pumpkin3
Ghost of Kertenx1Scarecrow1
Ghost of Kataklysm1Piranha222
Malok15Stone Door140
Sand Viper84Atrium Monarch6
Christmas Spirit1Gristle33
Drow Archer41Drow Elite11
Animatronic Soldier21Dasher7
Snowman1Barrow Wight19
Vulture563Evil Sprite392
Great Eagle271Snowy Owl11
Ice Troll54Arrowhead51
Tax Lord29Totem Pole34
Sprite40Gnoll Slave18
Harpy12Three-eyed Jack16
Goblin Elder5King Cobra9
Gnoll Watchman18Gnoll14
Minotaur25Demonic Captain10
Snow Leopard49Bolted Chest2
Guardian of Aet'Thol1Skeletal Bunny7
Caterpillar20Drow Priestess3
Ghoul5Time Mage5
Teptok Warrior91Hollow Man3
Mountain Ranger1Ibis Statue63
Imperial Mummy22Silversail Defector94
Wall Crawler22Pained Spirit648
Corrupt Demon116Persuaded Follower209
Nymph9Psychotic Elf5
Giant Water Snake2Starfish15
Mutant Crab42Water Snake3
Spirit of Olist7Black Scorpion12
Teptok3Mummified Pharaoh2
Giant Hawk2Time Knight3
Snotling15Plague Demon16
Mad Scientist4Dead Scientist18
Bezerker114Captain Wylsen8
Scribe8Goblin Healer7
Time Mummy2Lion Cub10
Mutated Bear1Dryad88
Dark Gnome20Dragon Hatchling3
Black Knight14Winged Vampire2
Portcullis2Death Knight4
Dust Devil1Herric15
Water Wraith2Possessed Dagger1
Mutant Seabass1Large Rock8
Dux3Flame Wraith1
Vein Golem1Lost Soul1
Telatin1Treasure Chest15
Undead Marcus2Pine Tree1
Chaotic Mage1Mummified Priest8
Native Ranger2Drow Rogue2
Anubis Statue2Imhotep1
Adel2Ravenous Seagull24
Demonic General1Snake3
Rogue Swordsman4Sabretooth Tiger12
Skeleton Skull368Cockroach220
Mole Rat113Demonic Scribe2
Drow Blademaiden2Gargoyle3
Floating Ghostly Head17ZaChu1
Spirit Guard2Black Paladin6
Stingray1Ocean Shark1
Box Jellyfish2Drider Scout2
Jaguar1Garden Spider1
Old Hermit1Banshee2
Drow Champion5Lioness1
Lost Wisp2Castle Door3
Evil Elf10Evil Santa1

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