-- Diabolic's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Legendary Slayer
Clanrk ţn Founder (.`. n - SiL .`.)
E-Mail21 18 18 21 18 16
CommentYou attempted to smite Pamola but failed and caused 1056 points of damage.
AIM NameFirst Level 40 Dwarf Zerk
MSN NameYou attempted to smite a Torturer but failed and caused 1221 points of damage.
KOS ListYou attempted to smite a Giant Snapper Turtle but failed and caused 1628 points of damage.
Monsters Killed98802
Players Killed179
Deaths by Players164
Total Game Time112 days, 23h37
Character Score7992
Overall Ranking32/1825
Class Ranking5/221
Last Logon06-18-2021 17:07:43
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Thief11Rugged Rogue16
Garden Spider15Tattered Thief8
Drunken Brawler12Goblin6
Black Bear1242Small Snake515
Skeleton82Giant Spider19
Brown Bear969Sentry Spider25
Mutant Rat377Giant Rat669
Elite Sentry Spider301Goblin Scout35
Giant Leech498Orc1663
Demonic Soldier678Giant Mosquito Swarm25
Vines353Gnoll Warrior71
Giant Centipede9Ogre264
Gnoll Guard103Giant Bat100
Grasping Vines1Large Snake47
Granite Beast423Troll328
Vampire Bat179Scarab13315
Bandit Leader27Bandit654
Dungeon Initiate105Worthless Grub29
Pained Spirit1339Hydra Hatchling26
Giant Frog49Hydra Head13
Ettin20Giant Snapper Turtle228
Mud Monster1Hydra Body1
Maneater192Drow Archer44
Mummy35Gnoll Archer395
Modern Art Sculpture11471Mayor Tvarti108
Mountain Troll31Antelope19
Goblin Elder1Goblin Villager8
Griffin172Hedge Minion4161
Owl40Grizzly Bear14
Cinder Beast3753Stone Door82
Mourner2Colossal Ant603
Giant Crocodile5Gnoll Elite58
Gnoll Slave3Bunny155
Skeleton Skull62Cockroach67
Mole Rat15Badger19
Wolf72Seasonal Painting22
Gnoll Captain7Plague Demon5
Dead Scientist12Skeletal Warrior64
Clay Golem131Warthog4
Sand Spider156Gnoll Watchman1
Scorpion73Giant Sand Wurm2
Mutant Beetle6242Herric6
Vertum1Drow Warrior71
Canyon Raptor24Alligator21
Herald of the Damned18Ghoul21
Tree Frog19Time Knight3
Hedge Lord11Snow Leopard5
Arrowhead375Suit of Armor88
Tax Lord7Totem Pole20
Water Fairy1Starfish133
Stingray3Mutant Crab23979
Sand Viper18Silversail Defector212
Snotling29Dwarven Grenadier85
Zombie18Ibis Statue24
Scarab Skeleton37Mountain Lion128
Guard Spider126Ice Troll3466
Yeti9Mountain Goat32
Giant Chameleon2Anubis Statue3
Baboon11Black Scorpion4
Door18Teptok Loyalist43
Dux4Atrium Monarch7
Giant Cinder Beast16King Cobra14
Crystal Giant4Rogue Swordsman13
Braced Door4Gorilla3
Captain Wylsen10Demonic General2
Orc Chieftain3Treasure Chest7
Mad Scientist3Demonic Sergeant21
Bolted Chest17Desert Snake15
Drow Elite32Pit Viper5
Time Mage2Imperial Mummy6
Mummified Priest4Imhotep2
Drow Archmage2Gnoll2
Banshee7Sabretooth Tiger2
Mutated Bear1Toad5
Bloom11Ice Giant5
Demonic Slave35Demonic Spellcaster12
Ice Sprite5Pyromancer2
Lord Infernus1Demonic Captain8
Flame Golem1Vampire16
Vampire Assassin1Sprite26
Mountain Ranger2Evil Elf61
Castle Door6Dancer8
Blitzen4Titan Hornet11
Drow Champion14Drow Mage14
Spirit of Olist2Drow Priestess22
Mana Vein1Psychotic Elf6
Drow Rogue4Shrieker3
Teptok Warrior8Plagued Spider2
Plague Fiend2Dungeon Guard30
Steel Door14Hollow Man2
Vein Golem3Telatin3
Lost Soul1Chaotic Mage1
Ravenous Seagull5819Red Ant79
Deinonychus40Stampeding Elephant9
Lunar Pedestal2Mud Worm40
Jungle Snapper20Shrieking Spectre70
Twilight Treant50Mystic Formation12
Adel4Old Hermit1
Nether Beast3Drow Blademaiden1
Undead Arm3Crazed Zombie2
Deranged Witch1Hysterical Ghoul1
Rudolph15Demonic Elf23
Evil Santa12Snowman16
Christmas Present1Barricade10
Bronze Hornet23Comet7
Ocean Shark3Box Jellyfish1
Sarcophagus1Mummified Pharaoh1
Mine Bandit37Mine Marauder8
Marauder4Time Guardian8
Rottweiler1Drow Templar7
Evil Sprite4Lesser Werewolf45
Greater Werewolf7Spideresque Shadowman12
Shadow Demon7Cold Sprite11
Possessed Plant1Shadow Master1
Haunted Mail9Revenant10
Diabolical Pit1Two-way Mirror2
Undead Arbiter1Animated Bear Skin5
Haunted Portrait13Skeletal Bunny1
Demonic Bunny1Large Rock3
Dust Devil5Black Knight5
Black Paladin1Winged Vampire3
Storage Cabinet1Undead Marcus1
Aquatic Tendril1Red Dragon3
Albino Beetle88Mutant Maggot1
Mutant Leech1Drow Mistress1
High Priestess Ku'Nal1Prancer1
Coal Seam1Drow Blade Mage2
Magimox14Arcane Spire of the Soil1
Giant Cockroach1Black Orc29
Ice Wraith11Coal Golem3
Predator Orc4Elven Barrow Wight97
Black Wight12Snowy Owl3
Wolf Spider5Mana Root2
Stone Sentinel1Brimstone Serpent1
Time Mummy1Unwilling Vampire4
Neonate Vampire7Bobcat13
Aet'Thol10Lingering Soul57
Forest Bandit143Dryad3
Red Fox3Vampire Patriarch1
Snow Fox3056Tundra Wolf1517
Blue Dragon2Snow Wight1201
Skeletal Wight106Jackalope8
Gnoll Juvenile1Shadow Wraith4
Kitsune9Veteran Gladiator2
Stone Fish12Talaskan Digestor9
Polar Bear3Wolverine7
Lady Talaska1Widow Spider67
Magician Bandit1Silver Fox5
Lyzanthir the Enchanter2Freshwater Golem1
Talaskan Hunter1Undead Drow Necromancer1
Stone Gargoyle7Castle Sorcerer6
Werewolf1Tomb Spirit3
Portcullis1Jiangshi, Vampire Lord3
Death Knight6Witch1
Halloween Spider3Praying Mantis12
Guardian of Aet'Thol1Spider King1
Drider Scout1Locksmith1
Black Orc Aeromancer2Black Orc Pyromancer2
Crystal Minion12Crystal Sprite3
Frankenstein's Monster1Abyssal Demon3
Arcane Spire of the Flame1Sparkling Seam1
Soul Demon1Wall Crawler2
Flame Wraith2

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