-- Disaster's Profile --
NameKieran [c]
ClassMale Halfling Grandmaster Class I Hunter
CommentYou have increased to level 36, and gained 18 hp. PYAR PYAR PYAR
AIM Namehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddn4MGaS3N4
MSN NameMollusk Pages You from (Hidden): your a chick O.o
KOS ListYou fired a dual shot at a Hedge Lord with your Elven Long Bow for 90 points of damage. Killing it.
Monsters Killed32092
Players Killed131
Deaths by Players199
Total Game Time74 days, 3h5
Character Score4110
Overall Ranking137/2010
Class Ranking21/179
Last Logon01-02-2016 12:58:18
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake1162Skeleton476
Black Bear2526Brown Bear1923
Large Snake237Orc745
Mutant Rat479Giant Leech1255
Sentry Spider308Elite Sentry Spider163
Demonic Soldier170Gnoll Warrior757
Bunny1367Grasping Vines2
Wolf263Giant Rat480
Gnoll Guard146Gnoll Elite92
Troll588Hedge Minion3044
Mayor Tvarti147Granite Beast825
Cinder Beast338Mutant Beetle275
Gnoll Archer386Table214
Demonic Sergeant26Demonic Captain12
Sand Spider955Drow244
Giant Spider264Spider60
Sand Viper223Lifeless Soldier1
Mountain Lion105Pit Viper11
Guard Spider49Modern Art Sculpture3098
Goblin Scout54Lion294
Lioness70Mountain Ranger3
Badger73Hedge Lord13
Goblin Villager3Goblin Elder2
Lyzanthir the Enchanter4Starfish31
Treasure Chest4Deer54
Giant Sand Wurm6Giant Bat70
Desert Snake171Sand Scorpion32
Vampire Bat96Vines88
Maneater82Drow Elite9
Spirit of Olist4Crystal Formation85
Kingfisher3Crystal Giant3
Mountain Goat29Giant Centipede13
Giant Crocodile8Grizzly Bear39
Dwarven Grenadier10Mountain Troll71
Gnoll Captain14Snotling7
Pumpkin36Ghost of Hollow2
Ghost of Vietgnome1Ghost of Malhavoc1
Ghost of Pwn_Nub1Ghost of Superbeast3
Ghost of PureMourning1Ghost of Memphis1
Scarecrow7Demonic Lord4
Ghost of Kertenx1Demonic Giant3
Ghost of Freek1Ghost of Masta3
Ghost of Undertow2Ghost of Corinne2
Demonic Spider2Demonic Dragon2
Ghost of God_of_Death1Drow Archer33
Drow Warrior30Ettin11
Drow Mage191Stone Door41
Ravenous Seagull63Gnoll Slave1
Mutant Crab621Silversail Defector32
Rogue Swordsman3The Grinch13
Animatronic Soldier81Dasher5
Christmas Spirit4Blitzen9
Evil Elf33Evil Reindeer8
Evil Sprite143Vulture425
Suit of Armor38Bandit Leader23
Three-eyed Jack2Barrow Wight1
Dungeon Initiate78Worthless Grub16
Pained Spirit90Teptok Loyalist63
Teptok Warrior9Dux2
Ice Troll9Cyclops11
Rattlesnake79Colossal Ant80
Ghoul3Garden Spider3
Giant Cinder Beast7Tree Frog7
Toucan16King Cobra6
Drow Rogue2Harpy11
Goblin Healer1Kobold13
Time Knight27Sprite6
Tax Lord4Door8
Giant Frog2Griffin168
Black Knight1Arrowhead8
Witch6Great Eagle201
Gnoll Watchman37Braced Door9
Scribe12Large Rock16
Dungeon Guard15Wall Crawler8
Steel Door14Skeletal Warrior1
Gristle14Seasonal Painting17
Totem Pole7Atrium Monarch2
Plague Demon8Herric25
Dead Scientist31Vein Golem3
Ibis Statue11Scarab Skeleton9
Sarcophagus1Snow Leopard40
Antelope51Snowy Owl2
Gnoll15Canyon Raptor6
Black Scorpion3Drow Priestess5
Mummified Priest18Hollow Man1
Flame Wraith2Lost Soul1
Blue Dragon1Old Hermit5
Floating Ghostly Head4Ghast21
Cockroach119Nether Beast1
Psychotic Elf4Skeleton Skull84
Mole Rat48Captain Wylsen1
Warthog1Spirit of King Durmeal1
Mutant Seabass1Mutated Bear109
Mad Scientist3Adel5
Pond Sprite3Aquatic Tendril3
Pit Wraith7Balrog26
Gnoll Juvenile9Alligator41
Mine Bandit34Lion Cub2
Bronze Hornet32Coal Seam111
Barricade11Albino Beetle69
Hornet Larva4Insect Pod3
Freshwater Golem3Butterfly23
Drow Champion4Drow Blade Mage2
Chaotic Mage1Giant Hawk1
Yeti1Titan Hornet5
Drow Archmage1Demonic Slave1
Persuaded Follower2Shrieker2
Clay Golem10Mine Marauder1
Time Guardian2Time Mummy1
Giant Cockroach3Castle Door3
Snowman1Demonic General1
Magimox109Crystal Golem3
Goblin32Goblin Warrior11
Ghost7Possessed Plant1
Greater Werewolf3Lesser Werewolf47
Vampire2Skeletal Bunny16
Cold Sprite2Vampire Suppressor1
Revenant2Haunted Mail1
Nymph4Evil Santa3
Primal Bear14Lone Zebra3
Bobcat16Red Fox8

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