-- Discipline's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Archmaster Class V Hunter
Clanrk ţn Leader (Jihad)
Comment18 x 21 18 18 19
AIM Name299HP lvl 30, 319HP lvl 31, 340HP 32, 358HP lvl 33, 379HP lvl 34, 399HP lvl35
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed19943
Players Killed2
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time46 days, 5h20
Character Score3747
Overall Ranking115/1699
Class Ranking14/132
Last Logon01-02-2020 15:19:31
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Drunken Brawler2Lost Wisp7
Rugged Rogue2Garden Spider4
Small Snake339Skeleton257
Skeleton Skull178Mysterious Chest206
Mutant Rat7Mole Rat89
Black Bear257Owl1601
Brown Bear161Large Snake42
Orc6566Gnoll Warrior5
Demonic Soldier51Condor4
Elite Sentry Spider20Asp92
Ettin1826Forest Bandit25
Revenant4Gnoll Guard6
Granite Beast202Sand Spider73
Rabid Chipmunk11Giant Spider6
Kyriarchian Zealot9Cockroach8
Giant Leech21Dwarven Grenadier11
Troll93Vampire Bat9
Magimox26Crystal Golem4
Goblin Scout40Dragon Hatchling1
Stone Crypt1Stone Door2
Kyriarchian Magician1Cinder Beast58
Demonic Sergeant1Gnoll Elite1
Cavern Imp2Cave Racer1
Griffin281Clay Golem21
Mountain Lion35Wolf8
Silversail Defector19Ghoul1
Hedge Minion478Bandit16
Bandit Leader6Dryad3
Black Wight3Crystal Giant16
Scorpion23Giant Rat9
Orc Chieftain48Hedge Lord9
Mutant Beetle200Gardener12
Arrowhead8Totem Pole8
Suit of Armor12Giant Cinder Beast1
Seasonal Painting16Tax Lord1
Shadow Wraith3Sentry Spider1
Modern Art Sculpture110Mountain Troll340
Sprite4Drow Archer8
Antelope14Snow Leopard1
Colossal Ant1490Torturer9
Blue Dragon2Twilight Treant5
Kitsune7Red Dragon1
Jungle Snapper2Captain Wylsen2
Mountain Goat1Bloom1
Giant Centipede2Giant Crocodile2
Skeletal Warrior1Bobcat31
Vulture472Evil Sprite4
Red Fox9Great Eagle147
Ravenous Seagull1939Starfish55
Mutant Crab3Snow Fox9
Ice Troll4Snow Wight1
Red Ant1Shrieking Spectre4
Mud Worm2Stampeding Elephant1
Deinonychus1Goblin Villager1
Drow Warrior4Canyon Raptor1
Grizzly Bear2Rattlesnake3
Scarab44Scarab Skeleton3
Ibis Statue3Anubis Statue1
Kingfisher1Albino Beetle1
Atrium Monarch1Ghast3
Goblin Shaman8Goblin Elite4
Goblin Archer2Guardian of Aet'Thol2
Mourner1Goblin Warrior1
Mayor Tvarti1Treasure Chest3
Lyzanthir the Enchanter4Door2
Rogue Swordsman1Goblin Chieftain1
Gh'ul'arg1Crystal Formation3
Three-eyed Jack1Banshee1
Skeletal Wight2Tundra Wolf1
Wolverine2Abyssal Demon2

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