-- Djinn's Profile --
ClassMale Gnome Grandmaster Class IV Sorcerer
Clanߧ h Founder (GD KͣR)
E-MailYou killed Wanted. You killed Chaos.
CommentYou equipped an Alomkik Totem.
AIM NameThe Scroll of Devastate has been added to your spell book. A Crystal Templar just gave you a Staff of Light.
MSN NameThe Dragon Scroll has been added to your spell book.
KOS ListAn Abyssal Cultist just gave you a Perfect Amethyst Ring.
Monsters Killed68769
Players Killed11
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time59 days, 8h21
Character Score24396
Overall Ranking6/2010
Class Ranking1/248
Last Logon01-13-2024 16:11:32
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Rugged Rogue1Garden Spider3
Goblin1Tattered Thief1
Red Fox104Sentry Spider27
Small Snake1990Badger22
Owl57Black Bear422
Water Fairy41Bobcat91
Brown Bear288Mysterious Chest103
Giant Spider275Bunny8
Gnoll Juvenile2Crystal Formation25
Spirit of Ruh'guul1Thief Guard6
Thief3Scarlet Daggers Informant1
Skeleton Skull2Vampire Bat25
Forest Bandit19118Magician Bandit731
Giant Rat6Large Snake393
Enchanted Sword24Troll865
Mutant Rat3Bandit801
Widow Spider389Lingering Soul8
Hedge Minion14552Granite Beast420
Sand Spider6Hedge Lord3
Scorpion441Sand Viper4
Scarab46Modern Art Sculpture6
Giant Leech25Earth Elemental26
Albino Beetle1Bronze Hornet58
Abandoned Golem7Elite Sentry Spider70
Colossal Ant50Starfish9
Black Wight5Abyssal Demon41
Antelope1Goblin Scout56
Goblin Villager2Mountain Lion2
Ice Troll5Jackalope1
Skeletal Wight18Wolf Spider38
Time Guardian62Desert Snake24
Stone Fish89Lady Talaska5
Condor8Silver Fox84
Tundra Wolf789Spider King2
Guard Spider4Nymph4
Drow Warrior2Maneater4
Giant Bat3Alligator3
Talaskan Hunter3Talaskan Digestor6
Gnoll Guard24Wolf7
Time Knight7Killer Bee89
Bee Hive3Praying Mantis73
Goblin Elder1Table3
Chair3Black Scorpion1
Skeleton7Gnoll Warrior7
Gnoll Elite7Titan Hornet9
Hornet Larva1Insect Pod1
Vulture56Cinder Beast8
Gardener2Psychotic Elf1
Drow Blademaiden1Vines20
Polar Bear2160Snow Fox2
Magimox44Crystal Golem8
Pamola3Demonic Soldier3
Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes42Giant Vampire Bat121
Bandit Leader3Great Eagle80
Cockroach1Shadow Wraith1
Mayor Tvarti1Drow Elite1
Canyon Raptor2Drow Priestess2
Nether Beast1Drider Scout1
Stone Door8Gnoll Captain7
Gnoll Watchman5Braced Door5
Scribe4Plague Demon3
Mutated Bear1Bezerker11
Mad Scientist1Piranha1
Ravenous Seagull2Ice Wraith1
Griffin1Seasonal Painting1
Rogue Corsair Skirmisher2Locksmith1
Mirage Moth2Three-eyed Jack1
Lesser Werewolf14Vampire1
Demonic Captain1Possessed Plant1
Assassin Vine4Elven Barrow Wight12
Necro Claus2

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