-- Drexil's Profile --
Name *:- ŧ-:* Speedy
ClassMale Dwarf Grandmaster Class I Priest
Clanrk ţn Founder ( )
E-MailStats: 21 9 18 21 18 17 next /w andy me
CommentYou have increased to level 34, gained 20 hp and gained 20 mana points.
AIM NameYou attacked Herric with an Angelic Scepter for 72 points of damage, vanquishing him!
MSN NameYou attacked a Plague Demon with an Angelic Scepter, but the Plague Demon's armor absorbed most of the blow for 20 points of damage, killing it.
KOS ListThe Scroll of Depurate Undead has been added to your spell book.
Monsters Killed26287
Players Killed5
Deaths by Players20
Total Game Time57 days, 14h41
Character Score5216
Overall Ranking92/2010
Class Ranking14/317
Last Logon02-25-2023 08:57:28
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Giant Rat398Vines83
Demonic Soldier3171Mutant Rat239
Giant Mosquito Swarm13Demonic Sergeant201
Vampire Bat4497Giant Leech139
Small Snake150Deer17
Wounded Druid1Demonic Captain129
Spirit of Ariat19Giant Frog6
Brown Bear124Giant Snapper Turtle5
Modern Art Sculpture5507Orc34
Demonic General4Injured Eagle25
Elite Sentry Spider256Guard Spider71
Spider King11Hydra Hatchling12
Hydra Head7Bandit61
Mud Monster1Scarab55
Tomb Spirit959Dungeon Initiate14
Pained Spirit833Cinder Beast36
Mutant Beetle29Gardener8
Water Wraith1Wolf1
Ettin1Black Bear42
Large Snake11Persuaded Follower7
Corrupt Demon227Granite Beast69
Scorpion3Imperial Mummy9
Scarab Skeleton99Mummy42
Ibis Statue39Spirit of King Durmeal4
Minotaur9Three-eyed Jack2
Mayor Tvarti6Ogre55
Hedge Minion10Badger7
Worthless Grub4Undead Marcus3
Arovet the Infidel3Sand Spider2
Belur4Sabretooth Tiger1
Seasonal Painting1Adel10
Skeleton Skull70Cockroach38
Mole Rat41Griffin2
Dead Scientist1Table4
Goblin Scout22Goblin Healer1
Great Eagle1Nether Beast3
Pit Wraith1Old Hermit1
Spirit of Olist3Mummified Priest1
Evil Sprite1Gnoll Archer2
Coal Seam4Skeletal Warrior24
Gnoll Juvenile2Door1
Spider12Bandit Leader3
Mummified Pharaoh2Cyclops2
Hysterical Ghoul1Crazed Zombie2
Deranged Witch1Undead Arm1
Lost Wisp15Anubis Statue1
Giant Bat1Winged Vampire3
Zombie13Evil Spirit9
Bezerker42Mummified Slave38
Green Mummy1Sentry Spider7
Magimox2Mountain Lion1
Herric16Plague Demon6
Gnoll Guard2Scribe3
Stone Door4Gnoll Captain4
Vampire11Lesser Werewolf19
Ganymede1Bronze Mummy2
Ghoul41Silver Mummy1
Evil Deity1Gnoll Warrior2
Spideresque Shadowman5Shadow Demon1
Arcane Spire of the Sky1Black Wight45
Hollow Man1Torturer19
Gargoyle1Crystal Golem1
Crystal Formation3Elven Barrow Wight405
Undead Drow Necromancer5Shadow Wraith5
Steel Door2Coral Caterpillar2
Silver Fox1Lingering Soul38
Elemental53Dungeon Guard1
Wall Crawler1Shrieker1
Shrieking Spectre5Braced Door1
Unwilling Vampire7Neonate Vampire3
Bobcat5Red Fox3
Zebra1Mine Bandit1
Sprite1Teptok Loyalist4
Teptok Warrior1Goblin Villager1
Blue Mummy2Gold Mummy2
Drow Archer1Skeletal Wight43
Ice Troll8Snow Wight101
Snow Fox6Forest Bandit5
Assassin Vine6Ankheg2
Krenshar1Dire Boar1
Ravenous Seagull1Mutant Crab1
Widow Spider2Warthog3
Earth Elemental2Time Guardian1
Stone Sentinel1Treasure Chest1
Sheep7Death Knight2
Castle Sorcerer3Halloween Spider1
Giant Vampire Bat3854Necro Claus2
Mummified Slave Leader1

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