-- Drizzy's Profile --
ClassMale Half-Orc Adept Fighter
ClanNovice (Yin & Yang)
CommentCaladus just gave you a Bristlemane Signet.
AIM NameYou attacked a Sewage Smithy with a Rune Staff for 34 points of damage, defeating him. | You got a Jewel Unhallowed.
MSN NamePerhaps this group of Giant Mosquitos recently drank blood from a Vampire, or Vampire Bat, or they are somewhat magical themselves. Whatever the source, you are able to create a Vampire Blood Potion
KOS List
Monsters Killed834
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time0 days, 19h59
Character Score1367
Overall Ranking898/1916
Class Ranking122/341
Last Logon07-19-2022 06:46:07
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Drunken Brawler5Thief44
Goblin5Lost Wisp10
Rugged Rogue30Garden Spider2
Tattered Thief2Small Snake90
Giant Rat60Mutant Rat32
Spirit of Ruh'guul2Skeleton Skull39
Bobcat41Black Bear52
Gnoll Juvenile8Giant Leech34
Brown Bear33Mysterious Chest15
Mole Rat11Owl42
Red Fox30Badger7
Ogre1Thief Guard16
Large Snake2Orc3
Skeleton5Gnoll Warrior5
Mutant Leech6Sewage Smithy3
Bristlemane Wolf8Mutant Maggot7
Vampire Bat2Scarlet Daggers Informant2
Grass Snake18Soldier Spirit6
Goblin Prisoner13Animated Sapling8
Giant Cockroach1Giant Crocodile1
Giant Centipede1Abyssal Demon2
Wolf1Enchanted Sword1
Mourner1Lifeless Soldier1
Demonic Soldier1Bandit16
Troll1Grizzly Bear1
Vines13Giant Mosquito Swarm9
Spirit of Ariat3Giant Snapper Turtle1

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