-- Fathom's Profile --
ClassFemale Halfling Legendary Guardian
Clan-׻mr Mt Wtк- Leader (Phil)
AIM NameCalculator: 184+193+159+145+190+183 = 1054
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed117866
Players Killed56
Deaths by Players60
Total Game Time142 days, 5h1
Character Score8553
Overall Ranking30/1918
Class Ranking4/234
Last Logon06-29-2022 03:20:41
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake1021Vines943
Giant Rat441Giant Leech753
Brown Bear4770Hydra Hatchling183
Mutant Rat369Giant Frog28
Giant Mosquito Swarm52Black Bear4702
Hydra Head2Troll579
Ogre477Large Snake192
Demonic Sergeant469Demonic Soldier384
Wolf2823Giant Snapper Turtle1
Maneater169Giant Bat160
Drow Archer19451Rattlesnake370
Drow Warrior412Mountain Goat28
Minotaur43Vampire Bat15592
Hedge Minion2115Giant Hawk2
Granite Beast1843Snow Leopard29
Goblin Scout248Grizzly Bear66
Ice Troll123Snowy Owl13
Modern Art Sculpture2002Seasonal Painting9
Orc2299Grasping Vines2
Gnoll Guard201Cinder Beast222
Mutant Beetle480Gardener58
Giant Cinder Beast12Lion Cub53
Sand Spider290Spider18
Sand Viper35Elite Sentry Spider752
Guard Spider63Badger246
Bandit Leader295Mayor Tvarti53
Arrowhead69Gnoll Warrior46
Canyon Raptor17Mountain Troll73
Asp358Gnoll Archer149
Vulture46Evil Sprite46
Bigfoot10Ibis Statue79
Mountain Lion80Stone Door29
Giant Sand Wurm5Mole Rat44
Cockroach91Skeleton Skull81
Gnoll Elite124Sabretooth Tiger16
Demonic Captain19Antelope61
Giant Water Snake1Water Snake5
Floating Ghostly Head9Gargoyle2
Dungeon Initiate159Dungeon Guard28
Worthless Grub22Steel Door11
Spirit of King Durmeal14Tree Frog4
Silversail Defector76King Cobra5
Anaconda8Clay Golem166
Colossal Ant535Skeletal Warrior166
Drow Elite25Drow Priestess21
Kobold71Nether Beast5
Ravenous Seagull400Torturer32
Waldren1Dwarven Grenadier39
Tax Lord9Suit of Armor245
Mummified Priest3Large Rock8
Scarab Skeleton308Sarcophagus1
Teptok Loyalist32Rogue Swordsman9
Captain Wylsen5Butterfly479
Caterpillar387Water Wraith21
Spirit of Olist4Harpy3
Gnoll Captain13Gnoll Watchman30
Scribe8Dead Scientist3
Goblin Elder3Bezerker18
Great Eagle17Mutant Crab40
Box Jellyfish1Ocean Shark4
Injured Eagle5Three-eyed Jack5
Marauder7Drow Archmage4
Dolphin2Gnoll Slave9
Drow Champion10Adel30
Toucan2Ethereal Confine1
Mutant Seabass29Drow Templar3
Stone Sentinel3Sprite138
Ghost Soldier2Mummified Slave149
Ghoul106Mummified Slave Leader10
Imperial Mummy9Zombie16
Dryad215Lost Wisp4
Time Guardian2Time Knight1
Goblin Villager6Braced Door6
Drow Mage28Demonic Bunny2
Sentry Spider2Rabid Chipmunk8
Aquatic Tendril12Pond Sprite6
Treasure Chest6Hedge Lord14
Plague Demon4Herric6
Totem Pole5Mutated Bear6
Gnoll4Demonic General4
Mad Scientist1Nymph10886
Gnoll Juvenile13Bronze Hornet49
Barricade8Titan Hornet6
Psychotic Elf6Plagued Spider3
Plague Fiend1Water Fairy19
Garden Spider2Cyclops82
Yeti6Giant Centipede5
Albino Beetle46Drow Mistress1
Drow Rogue1Ethereal Shrine2
Crystal Giant11Bloom243
Mysterious Chest2Mountain Ranger2
Pit Viper9Persuaded Follower9
Pained Spirit5Pit Wraith41
Orc Chieftain3Choking Cretin1
Blind Giant Rat5Abnormal Snake2
Charging Soldier4Teptok Warrior3
Mine Bandit7Mine Marauder4
Cold Sprite11Black Orc14
Predator Orc8Lost Soul1
Sparkling Seam32Ice Wraith9
Black Orc Hydromancer2Black Orc Psychromancer2
Coal Seam3Black Orc Aeromancer2
Banshee3Black Orc Pyromancer1
Coal Golem2Guardian Golem1
Bolted Chest3Chaotic Mage1
Giant Crocodile2Drider Scout1
Freshwater Golem12Drow Blademaiden4
Red Ant20Mud Worm16
Shrieking Spectre21Twilight Treant24
Deinonychus22Jungle Snapper10
Possessed Dagger4Flying Hammer6
Ensorcelled Bow5Dancing Sword7
Evil Elf12Cupid3
Dasher3Demonic Elf26
Castle Door3Blitzen2
Snowman2Christmas Present1
Comet1Hornet Queen2
Aet'Thol2Dwarven Enchanter1
Animated Armor4Profane Dianna1
Storage Cabinet2Mummified Pharaoh1
Bronze Mummy1Green Mummy1
Evil Spirit5Evil Deity2
Elemental12039Anubis Statue1
Crystal Golem23Crystal Formation27
Lesser Werewolf3Giant Spider4
Skeletal Bunny10Goblin108
Goblin Warrior45Magimox294
Cavern Imp157Cave Racer36
Giant Chameleon1Dire Wolf20
Primal Bear53Black Wight23
Wolf Spider5Desert Snake1
Elven Barrow Wight64Kingfisher2
Red Fox171Atrium Monarch3
Ghost15Forest Bandit2215
Earth Elemental12Lingering Soul361
Silver Fox24Unwilling Vampire8
Neonate Vampire14Vampire11
Captured Bandit22Tundra Wolf70
Snow Wight35Skeletal Wight14
Snow Fox556Valravn11
Goblin Archer25Goblin Chieftain9
Goblin Shaman12Wolverine6
Ghast3Shadow Wraith5
Wildebeest1Lone Zebra5
Lone Wildebeest5Lyzanthir the Enchanter1
Abandoned Golem49Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes4
Dark Gnome3Coral Caterpillar453
Assassin Vine10Dire Boar3
Mutant Water Spider5Giant Crayfish7
Water Moccasin5Crocodile2
Goblin Elite22Dust Devil3
Black Knight30Undead Drow Necromancer1
Piranha1Widow Spider12
Kitsune13Red Dragon2
Stampeding Elephant2Lunar Pedestal1
Hollow Man1Dungeon Knight1
Goblin Treasure Chest1Abyssal Demon7
Giant Vampire Bat18Vampire Patriarch1
Elm Wisp6Talaskan Digestor5
Quartermaster Maddox1

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