-- Finale's Profile --
Name3 of 5
ClassMale Elf Grandmaster Class II Priest
Clanrk ţn (John_pirate_)
E-Mail8 18 18 19 22 30
CommentYou attacked a Pumpkin Gardener for 42 points of damage killing it.
AIM Namenext sgs w/me: me
MSN NameYou cast Depurate Undead on an Elven Barrow Wight damaging it by 173 points of damage.
KOS ListYou have increased to level 37, gained 18 hp and gained 22 mana points.
Monsters Killed34953
Players Killed5
Deaths by Players57
Total Game Time61 days, 9h42
Character Score8606
Overall Ranking25/1825
Class Ranking4/293
Last Logon11-04-2020 22:20:51
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton3048Demonic Soldier10736
Bunny27Sentry Spider2
Elite Sentry Spider237Demonic Sergeant576
Injured Eagle42Demonic Captain167
Ogre18Gnoll Warrior22
Gnoll Guard32Gnoll Elite15
Giant Leech172Mutant Rat56
Giant Rat282Gnoll Archer54
Vines2Hydra Hatchling1
Spirit of Ariat1Small Snake46
Demonic General17Hedge Lord2
Hedge Minion2Black Bear34
Troll25Modern Art Sculpture4451
Guard Spider39Brown Bear103
Granite Beast136Spider King22
Vampire Bat5588Mummy40
Owl14Dwarven Grenadier1
Bandit12Giant Crocodile3
Three-eyed Jack6Deer6
Sand Spider3Scorpion16
Spirit of Olist2Pumpkin1
Ghost of Vietgnome1Pumpkin Gardener1
Goblin Healer1Sand Viper2
Arovet the Infidel8Barrow Wight2
Ghast228Mining Foreman1
Drow Warrior2Rattlesnake1
Badger30Large Snake3
Spider21Mayor Tvarti1
Floating Ghostly Head1Ghost Soldier5
Ghost Berserker4Ghoul721
Skeletal Warrior132Zombie255
Scarab Skeleton349Ibis Statue87
Mummified Slave154Guardian1
Cockroach33Skeleton Skull348
Mole Rat20Teptok Loyalist8
Persuaded Follower66Teptok Warrior1
Crazed Zombie23Undead Arm9
Traumatized Ghost4Deranged Witch2
Deluded Ghast1Bronze Mummy4
Minotaur38Demonic Elf4
Stone Door3Shrieking Spectre10
Imperial Mummy133Lost Wisp20
Aet'Thol5Green Mummy5
Evil Spirit116Evil Deity3
Ghost500Tomb Spirit631
Mummified Slave Leader14Pained Spirit462
Demonic Scribe4Crystal Formation1
Silver Mummy1Time Mummy2
Goblin Scout3Bandit Leader5
Dungeon Initiate7Worthless Grub1
Stampeding Elephant1Black Wight784
Shadow Wraith9Red Mummy2
Ganymede2Elven Barrow Wight1667
Undead Drow Necromancer36Storage Cabinet2
Blue Mummy2Elemental596
Dust Devil25Ice Wraith4
Sarcophagus2Mummified Priest6
Wolf1Skeletal Bunny2
Coral Caterpillar13Lingering Soul152
Earth Elemental22Forest Bandit3
Guardian of Aet'Thol3Garden Spider1
Corrupt Demon114Mummified Pharaoh1
Tortured Mummy78Cauldron1
Neonate Vampire120Unwilling Vampire154
Dungeon Guard2Kobold3
Steel Door4Death Knight14
Black Paladin1Skeletal Wight98
Snow Wight72Spirit of King Durmeal6
Water Wraith4Vampire Patriarch1
Stone Gargoyle2Castle Sorcerer4
Werewolf15Castle Door1
Jiangshi, Vampire Lord2Scarecrow5

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