-- Forgive's Profile --
ClassFemale Halfling Grandmaster Class III Priestess
Clanrk ţn Founder (Ч)
Comment~Selling fresh rolls! All Races and Classes- 4 stats 10k/per~
AIM Name8ppppp Human - 100k
MSN Name-----
KOS List----
Monsters Killed36250
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players5
Total Game Time47 days, 5h54
Character Score5952
Overall Ranking52/1825
Class Ranking7/293
Last Logon05-03-2021 17:17:11
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton Skull131Demonic Soldier8384
Vampire Bat5387Brown Bear68
Small Snake26Black Bear61
Zombie49Sludge Tentacle3
Skeletal Imp1Demonic Sergeant1406
Orc21Injured Eagle9
Skeletal Warrior23Mummified Slave1702
Demonic Captain340Bandit33
Elite Sentry Spider452Guard Spider98
Scarab Skeleton106Modern Art Sculpture3582
Minotaur33Mysterious Chest14
Granite Beast19Mummy63
Mayor Tvarti4Demonic General9
Tomb Spirit238Spider King12
Mole Rat4Spider3
Stone Door7Troll10
Banshee3Hedge Minion4
Giant Leech6Giant Rat9
Mutant Rat6Vampire16
Skeletal Bunny31Mummified Slave Leader5
Ibis Statue15Evil Deity4
Gnoll Guard23Scorpion1
Shrieking Spectre8Black Wight58
Shadow Wraith18Storage Cabinet1
Imperial Mummy9Gold Mummy1
Evil Spirit10Elven Barrow Wight1561
Undead Drow Necromancer14Lost Wisp41
Suit of Armor5Cockroach2
Red Mummy6Giant Centipede1
Bandit Leader1Gnoll Elite7
Torturer5Mummified Priest19
Large Snake1Water Wraith1
Demonic Bunny4Goblin Scout1
Spideresque Shadowman3Mystic Formation2
Vulture2Great Eagle1
Skeletal Wight170Snow Wight127
Lingering Soul87Revenant22
Unwilling Vampire18Neonate Vampire15
Treasure Chest1Werewolf7
Pained Spirit29Jack-o'-lantern5
Gnoll Warrior4Aet'Thol1
Bobcat11Dust Devil5
Gnoll Captain1Gnoll1
Gnoll Watchman1Braced Door1
Sand Spider1Sprite2
Drow5Red Fox4
Giant Bat2Koschei the Deathless12
Wolf Spider4Mummified Pharaoh1
Bronze Mummy2Bolted Chest1
Teptok Loyalist6Ice Wraith1327
Stone Fish7Polar Bear1
Snow Fox6Piranha2
Desert Snake1Time Guardian1
Vines4Shadow Demon5
Kitsune83Lady Talaska5
Door1Cinder Beast1
Pamola6Necro Claus12
Drow Archer1Black Orc1
Large Rock1Dwarven Grenadier1
Frankenstein's Monster1Death Knight5
Stone Gargoyle1Mourner1
Scarecrow1Jiangshi, Vampire Lord1
Green Mummy2Silver Mummy1
Tortured Mummy1Blue Mummy1
Gnoll Archer1Arovet the Infidel5

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