-- Gladiator's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Grandmaster Class II Slayer
Clanrk ţn (Craig)
CommentYou killed a Magician Bandit.
AIM NameYou attempted to smite a Lightning Dragon but failed and caused 1200 points of damage.
MSN Name
KOS ListGrim: big ole flaccid horc penis flapping in the wind
Monsters Killed29154
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players1
Total Game Time24 days, 2h9
Character Score5057
Overall Ranking73/1825
Class Ranking13/221
Last Logon06-18-2021 19:56:13
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Goblin5Drunken Brawler5
Rugged Rogue2Garden Spider6
Tattered Thief4Lost Wisp5
Thief6Sentry Spider7
Vines548Hydra Hatchling62
Brown Bear328Giant Frog38
Giant Mosquito Swarm62Giant Snapper Turtle29
Small Snake88Mud Monster24
Hydra Head48Giant Rat224
Black Bear409Vampire Bat196
Bandit1115Granite Beast135
Old Hermit1Mutant Crab284
Giant Leech344Bandit Leader10
Evil Sprite15Great Eagle19
Mutant Rat188Table63
Goblin Scout18Antelope33
Mountain Troll87Large Snake4
Kyriarchian Zealot2Kyriarchian Magician2
Kyriarchian Fanatic1Owl10
Orc328Giant Crocodile4
Giant Centipede4Cockroach48
Mole Rat28Decomposing Corpse11
Black Hand Necromancer1Skinless3
Totem Pole14Suit of Armor570
Tax Lord21Gnoll Guard9946
Scribe4Stone Door33
Snow Leopard15Lion1
Braced Door25Wolf11
Arrowhead162Mayor Tvarti100
Ogre76Hedge Minion1703
Gnoll Warrior194Plague Demon13
Cinder Beast339Giant Cinder Beast3
Gnoll Captain18Sand Viper6
Sand Spider77Chair65
Ettin22Gnoll Archer1048
Gnoll Elite155Sabretooth Tiger9
Seasonal Painting24Bunny86
Gnoll Slave6Water Wraith2
Mutant Beetle411Demonic Soldier608
Demonic Sergeant37Demonic Captain7
Modern Art Sculpture1422Storage Cabinet1
Crystal Giant4Hedge Lord7
Treasure Chest3Gnoll Watchman2
Silversail Defector17Snotling2
Door4Goblin Villager9
Goblin Healer1Ravenous Seagull1263
Box Jellyfish1Drow Archer21
Elite Sentry Spider190Griffin422
Colossal Ant408Clay Golem5
Herald of the Damned5Gnoll Juvenile1
Three-eyed Jack1Dungeon Initiate43
Dungeon Guard17Worthless Grub12
Kobold2Teptok Loyalist11
Teptok1Teptok Warrior3
Lost Soul2Dungeon Knight2
Torturer18Mountain Lion10
Ice Troll61Drow Elite5
Canyon Raptor8Drow Warrior8
Alligator4Snowy Owl1
Drow Champion7Magimox8
Skeleton Skull1Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1
King Cobra1Giant Bat7
Grizzly Bear2Ibis Statue7
Dryad19Dark Gnome1
Bloom9Lingering Soul2
Bobcat18Guard Spider38
Forest Bandit11Crystal Golem1
Assassin Vine415Ankheg23
Snow Fox40Snow Wight27
Skeletal Wight2Barricade2
Albino Beetle29Bronze Hornet13
Butterfly91Atrium Monarch4
Aet'Thol1Jungle Snapper2
Red Ant2Shrieking Spectre1
Mystic Formation4Twilight Treant2
Elven Barrow Wight246Red Fox6
Undead Drow Necromancer4Revenant5
Black Wight6Unwilling Vampire1
Dire Boar8Toucan2
Tundra Wolf26Widow Spider1
Minotaur7Lifeless Soldier1
Talaskan Digestor2Talaskan Hunter1
Pained Spirit1572Shrieker1
Sand Scorpion1Shadow Wraith1
Captain Wylsen2Abyssal Demon5
Winged Vampire1Black Knight1
Skeletal Warrior1Large Rock1
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Adel3
Dwarven Grenadier5Goblin Elder2
Necro Claus2Anaconda3
Tiger1Desert Snake4
Time Mage3Mine Bandit1
Red Dragon1Time Guardian9
Time Knight4Time Mummy2
Neonate Vampire1Magician Bandit1
Scarab Skeleton1Blue Dragon3
Mud Worm3Kitsune4
Bolted Chest3Dux2
Plague Fiend1Flame Wraith1
Chaotic Mage1Telatin1
Vampire3Vampire Patriarch2
Steel Door3Persuaded Follower1
Wall Crawler1Gargoyle1
Plagued Spider1Black Orc3
Cold Sprite2Predator Orc1
Ice Wraith3Shadow Demon4
Crystal Minion2Soul Demon2
Corrupt Demon1Crystal Guardian1
Crystal Sprite2

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