-- Gluttony's Profile --
ClassMale Human Master Berserker
CommentNinja tried to assassinate you, but failed and caused 355 points of damage. lol still had a 100hp left nice try noob.
AIM NameI like when a crit 6 lvls higher likes to pick on you its awesome.
MSN Name[Clan] Rush: i pooped in my pants
KOS List
Monsters Killed7713
Players Killed82
Deaths by Players158
Total Game Time11 days, 12h30
Character Score1959
Overall Ranking440/1825
Class Ranking47/221
Last Logon04-27-2014 05:45:55
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake904Skeleton75
Giant Rat112Black Bear2060
Brown Bear1182Vines224
Large Snake46Mutant Rat62
Giant Leech89Giant Mosquito Swarm66
Hydra Hatchling82Orc130
Cinder Beast63Mutant Beetle86
Asp108Rabid Chipmunk6
Troll33Hedge Minion87
Gnoll Warrior45Griffin23
Sentry Spider574Giant Spider62
Elite Sentry Spider116Wolf12
Pit Viper1Chair55
Owl10Crystal Formation16
Demonic Soldier32Scarab260
Modern Art Sculpture151Bandit50
Vampire Bat77Goblin Scout5
Elshira10Mayor Tvarti8
Demonic Captain1Demonic Sergeant5
Granite Beast132Gardener23
Scorpion22Gnoll Guard18
Gnoll Archer93Giant Centipede4
Sand Spider26Mourner1
Ogre64Ghost of Vietgnome1
Ghost of Memphis1Pumpkin2
Sand Viper1Colossal Ant20
Clay Golem11Giant Frog9
Mud Monster17Hydra Head15
Giant Snapper Turtle29Mummy1
Hydra Body1Atrium Monarch1
Tree Frog1Baboon1
Anaconda1Desert Snake1
Time Mummy1Giant Sand Wurm1
Hedge Lord1Mountain Troll1
Lion Cub7Lioness16
Lone Wildebeest1Lion8
Snow Leopard1Ettin9
Mountain Goat3Gnoll Captain5
Gnoll Elite12Gnoll Watchman24
Braced Door5Scribe3
Gnoll12Stone Door3
Seasonal Painting1Door2
Snotling14Dwarven Grenadier3
Plague Demon2Bezerker14
Silversail Defector1Drow4
Mad Scientist1Grasping Vines1
Herald of the Damned2Grizzly Bear8
Kingfisher2Rogue Swordsman1
Maneater1Drow Archer1
Skeletal Warrior3Gnoll Juvenile1

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